Yes, it's true: I spend $10 on my phone plan... and that's for a SMARTPHONE!  

Want to know how I do it? Two words: Republic Wireless :)




How do they do it?

Republic Wireless offers some super cheap phone plans because they use phones that can operate through wireless internet signal AND cell signal. This means that when you are in a place that has wifi (such as your home), everything you do on the phone will go through your wifi. When you are in a place without wifi, you’ll use Sprint cell coverage and 3G (or 4G, if you buy that package) data.


I've had the Moto X from Republic Wireless since December 2013 and have loved every single minute of it. I want to share the info with you so that perhaps you can save some money on your phone bill!


Also, I wrote two posts about RW, so you can check those out, too! Here's my first week on RW and here's an update (after ~3 months of use). But I'm going to pull that info into this page so it's all in one place :)



The Phones

Republic Wireless currently offers 4 phones: Moto E ($99), Moto G ($149), Moto X, 1st Generation ($299), and Moto X, 2nd Generation ($399).


I have the 1st Generation Moto X, and absolutely love it. I switched from an iPhone, so it took a bit of time to get used to the Android operating system, but now I love it.


I would strongly recommend the Moto G; that's what Mike has and it's almost exactly like the X, just has a slightly less powerful camera. And at half the cost, uhhh... winner!



The Plans

RW offers 4 monthly plans:

$5– you can only call/text/use data when you have a wifi connection. If you venture outside a wifi signal, you can’t do anything.

$10– you get unlimited cell signal (talk and text) everywhere, but no data package. You can only use internet when you’re in wifi range.

$25– unlimited cell and unlimited 3G data, no matter where you are

$40– unlimited cell and unlimited 4G data, no matter where you are (although I don’t think 4G is everywhere? So I guess in that case it’d be 3G)


I have the $10/month plan, and it's totally fine for me. You'd be surprised at how many free public wifi networks there are out there! Target offers wifi, lots of grocery stores, malls, even some cities have free public wifi! But if you think you need data everywhere you go, then $25/mo is still much cheaper than most big name cell plans :)


And RW uses Sprint cell towers for your cell signal when you aren't on a wifi network.


republic wireless change plan

Republic Wireless also gives you the option to switch between phone plans twice per month. So if you're going on vacation somewhere without wifi, you can update to the $25/mo plan so that you'll be able to Instagram all your beach pics and make your friends jealous ;)



The downsides?

Let's be honest: I'm saving $55/mo so really not much can anger me about this phone plan. But in the interest of full disclosure, I have experienced a few downsides that I want to warn you of.


#1-- Since I switched from an iPhone, I experienced a few weird iPhone to Android problems. Namely with texting. One of my friends' phones STILL does not recognize that my phone number is no longer an iMessage enabled device, and she has issues group texting with me. (sorry Marg, love youuu!)


#2-- Making important calls via wifi can be slightly dicey. Our router isn't the greatest, so our wifi signal isn't super strong. When we need to make important calls, we switch off wifi and make the call via cell just to be safe. But if you have a good router/good internet, you'd probably be fine.  UPDATE 3/28/15: We moved and now have a better router and better internet and stronger cell signal and now calls are 10000x better! So it really was just an internet/router/living-on-the-bottom-floor-of-a-big-old-house issue.


#3-- When Republic Wireless sends you the phone, they'll assign a random phone number to the phone. Then you have to go to your current cell provider and switch your number to the RW phone. But here's the weird thing: that original number is always attached to your phone. So if someone calls that random number, they'll get you. In my case, I ordered the phone when I moved to Rochester, so my temporary number was a Rochester area code. But my real phone number is a Virginia area code. So I get weird calls from Rochester people trying to find the person who used to have my temporary Rochester number! Does that make sense? Basically, if you get weird calls, it  might be because people are calling the temporary number that was assigned to your phone.



Moral of the story?

I would SERIOUSLY recommend switching your cell service to Republic Wireless. I mean, $10 per month? I CANT EVEN. Most cell carriers charge $50-80+ for smartphone plans, so do the math. You're saving a loooooot of money this way, and you still have a smart phone! WIN!


And to make your decision even easier, RW offers a 30 day money back guarantee. So you can try it out, and if you hate it, you can return with no questions asked.



If you are thinking about switching to Republic Wireless, I would SO appreciate you using my referral link! It'll give me a few bucks without costing you anything extra :) Thank you so much! <3


Got any Republic Wireless questions?

Seriously- let me know! I'll try to answer for ya... and if I don't know the answer, I'll find out! :)