Hi!  I'm Ashley. Welcome to Saving Money in your Twenties!

I started this website as a place to share the tips and tricks I've learned about saving my money while still living an awesome life.

I'm not a financial professional. Everything I've done is a result of trial and error (& lots of blog and book reading!).

This blog isn't super mathematical- you're never going to find a post about how to best hack your credit card interest rates to save the most money over the next 25 years. I could care less about that stuff.

Instead, I'm going to teach you practical life tips & tricks, like...


...how to cut your own hair. {sorry, I'll never subject you to a larger-than-life pic of my face ever again... pinky swear}

And I'll never judge you for any expensive "toys". Case in point: I can't kick my MacBook addiction! I'll teach you how to cut back in other areas of your life so that you can still have your Apple products ;)


A little bit more about me & this blog...


One of my favorite activities is going to breweries with my boyfriend.


(Speaking of... he's pretty cute. If nothing else, you should probably stick around just to see pictures of him)


I really like ice cream. I am almost ALWAYS willing to shell out some moolah for some good ice cream.


And donuts.


And more ice cream.


Most importantly: I'm just a normal girl. Stick with me and we'll figure out how us normal peeps can save some money while still having fun!



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A little more about my Journey...

I got a really good Human Resources job immediately after graduating college. But after a few years, the excitement of that job (& paycheck) started to fade. I decided that I didn't want to do the office thing my entire life. I couldn't imagine 40+ more years of waking up at 5am, battling horrible traffic, sitting at a desk for 8 hours pushing paper, commuting home in traffic just as horrible as it was in the morning, just to maintain a paycheck.

At almost the same time as that revelation, Mike (my boyfriend) got an awesome job opportunity in Rochester, NY. I took it as a perfectly-timed sign-- so I quit my cushy office job and moved up north with him in October 2013 (just in time for winter, brr!).

I decided that the one thing I wanted to do was start my own business. So I started Saving Money in your Twenties to help other 20-somethings save up their money so that they can follow their dreams, just like I did! :)

Two years (okay, technically it was 1 year, 11 months, and 3 days) after setting out on my own, I decided to join the traditional working world again. I am SO thankful that I was able to experience self-employment for almost 2 years just because I was able to save up so much money while working. 

That experience has taught me that there are SO many things you can accomplish if you set your mind to it! Do you want to travel? Adopt a dog? Move into your own apartment? (Or maybe even BUY your own place?) So many 20-somethings have huge dreams but don't go after them because of money. If I was able to save up and QUIT MY FLIPPING JOB for 2 years, you can totally save enough to afford your own apartment!



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{Disclaimer! I am not a certified financial professional. I have no fancy schmancy financial certifications or licenses. I'm sharing the financial tricks, tips, and tools that have worked for me over the years, but I cannot guarantee that you will see the same results. Do what is best for you + your financial situation!}