The other weekend, we found ourselves with zeroooo plans on a Sunday. It was a gorgeous day and all I wanted to do was hang out outside!  


I thought of going to a nearby winery and buying a bottle of wine there to share outside, but then I remembered their wine is like $20-$25 per bottle and ugh, that's a lot of money.


So I thought, why don't we just get a cheap bottle of Trader Joe's wine and some snacks and have a porch wine picnic?


We got a $4.99 bottle of Rosè (SOOO good-- it's the Espiral Vinho Rosè), a $1.99 bag of pita chips, and a $2.99 container of roasted red pepper hummus. It was the perfect porch picnic! (and we used our fancy bluetooth speaker to listen to music!)


Next time you're contemplating a date, think outside the box for a cheaper option! You can have lots of fun for $10 (especially at Trader Joe's!)



What's your favorite cheap date (which can include friend dates!) activity?

My all-time favorite is definitely beer tastings at breweries! But this is a good alternate option :)