I think I've talked before about really appreciating the things you spend money on... right?  


It's something that I really believe helps you spend less money in the long run. If you buy stuff that truly makes you happy, you have less of a desire to accumulate MORE stuff.


So the other day, I was taking a shower and I remembered one of my most favorite purchases...


It's not the shower curtain, although I do really love that too.


It's a little higher...


Yup, it's my shower curtain hooks. I am O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D with them. Is that a weird thing to be obsessed with?


I remember buying them ~2.5 years ago, weirdly enough. I was outfitting my first ever OWN bathroom and was standing in the shower aisle at Target (where else?) debating which shower curtain hooks to buy. Usually I would have gone with those cheap-o plastic rings that are like $1... but I saw these metal ones (not sure exactly what type I bought but they're like these) for $10 and was like, "hmm... is it worth the extra $9?"


I ended up getting them and turns out, it was TOTALLY worth that extra $9. I freakin' love those hooks. I mean, have you ever used shower curtain hooks that don't really slide and get all bunched up when you try to pull open the curtain? Yeah, I hate that. These NEVER do that and it is glorious.


You might think this is a silly thing to be thankful for, but it really does make me happy every time I think about how awesome they are :)


Another thing I'm crazy happy I bought? This wine opener.


Mike and I bought it when we moved in together because we realized that neither of us had a wine opener. I spent a few extra bucks on this one because it was a pretty color and I really love it! The color is so pretty and it works really well. Whenever we use it (which, actually, is more often as a beer opener than wine opener, haha) it makes me happy :)


And finally, this five year diary. (which, side note, would be a really good christmas present for people into things like this!)


It's a journal with spaces for you to write a few sentences about each day... for 5 years! (as if the name of the thing didn't already explain that...)


Each page is a day (like, December 10) and each page is split into 5 sections, so you can write all about December 10th for 5 years in a row. It's really cool. I've had it since the beginning of 2013 so it's been fun this year to write about my day and then see what I was doing exactly one year ago on that same day. (except, as you can see in this picture, when I forgot to write about it in 2013. That first block should have been for 2013... but I guess I forgot that day. haha) And next year I'll get to see what I was doing for the past 2 years, and so on. So cool.


These examples might be a little silly to you if you aren't into the same stuff as me, but I want you to look around at your own belongings and pick out the things that you really love and appreciate! Appreciating what you already have might make you realize that you don't need to go out and spend more money :)



Name something (or multiple things) that you are thankful you spent money on... ready... GO!