Sooo I lied in Monday's post... no vacation pics yet. I'll post them Friday! I managed to get sick at the end of the week (thankfully right as we were leaving, that would stink to be sick on vacation) so I haven't gotten around to editing the pics yet!  


I'm really glad you liked Monday's post about the books I read in June! I really do think reading is one of the best activities around-- it's cheap/free, educational, and entertaining!



The one thing that really bums me out is when I hear people say that they "don't like to read". WHAT?! How on earth can you not like reading?!!! So today, I want to share a few of my reading tips to hopefully make reading more enjoyable, whether you already enjoy it or not ;)


5 Tips to Make Reading (More) Enjoyable:

1 // Skimming is okay I mentioned this in Monday's post-- when there are parts of a story that I don't really enjoy, I totally just skim over them. I'm reading (usually) for enjoyment... so why force myself to read something that I don't enjoy? (obviously if you're reading a textbook or to actually learn something then this tip might not apply, haha)


2 // If you don't like a book, that's okay. you can stop. Have you ever started a book and ~20 pages in realized that you just didn't like it? Maybe it's the way the author writes, maybe it's a slow story line, maybe it just isn't interesting you. You know what? You can just stop reading it! No one is forcing you to read the whole thing. Close the book and pick up another. That's okay. (again, this doesn't apply if it's a textbook or something you have to read...)


3 // Don't force yourself to read stuff just because it's famous/intelligent I have NOT read very many "famous" books. I hear people talking about certain books that are "omg sooo good, you have to read it!" but if the summary doesn't sound interesting, I skip it. Why force myself to read something just because other people say I should?


4 // Use a service to help you keep track of things to read The biggest bummer of reading is when you hear about a super good book and then forget it before you can find it :( I use Goodreads to keep track of my books so I always know which ones I want to read next. (and I know which ones I've already read!)


5 // Get a flippin' library card (!!!!!!!!!) What could make reading more enjoyable other than getting all your books for FREE?! Seriously. I don't understand why so many people in their 20s don't have library cards. It makes no sense to me. Get everything from the library and if there is a book that you reeeeeally must have, THEN you can go out and buy it!


PS-- Dia at All The Things I Do interviewed me last week about blogging, DIYing, favorite mottos, and more! Go check it out!



Do you have any reading hacks/tips that help you enjoy reading more?