Okay, I just have so many things to say about going back work... so you get another post about it. I promise I'll get back to talking about finances soon! ;)


ALSOOOO... I'm still working out some more issues with this blog switch. A new fun (read: sarcasm) thing I discovered is that anyone who reads my posts by email and then clicks the email link to leave a comment- those comments are going to a different url than the "normal" blog post (thanks to click tracking in my email provider... it's normally a cool feature but NOT in this case, ugh). So moral of the story, if you've left a comment and then come back and it's disappeared, I swear I didn't delete your comment!! It's there, just under a different url. I'll try to get this fixed ASAP!!


Okay. Moving on. I wrote the post below 2 months ago-- July 23. This was right after I realized I was probably, definitely, going back to work. It was so weird coming to terms with that that I just started writing a blog post about it knowing that I could eventually post it when the job actually started :) It's kinda stream-of-consciousness but I like it and really just want to document (mostly for myself!) where my head was when all this started happening :)

I write primarily to an audience of 20-something women with jobs. So it was really, really hard for me to relate when I didn't have a traditional job. I feel like a lot of my blogging "spark" was gone because I wasn't going through the same things you guys are going through-- that feeling of getting a paycheck and saying "Awesome! This covers more than my expenses! What should I do with the extra?"


The thing I'm sad about is my semi-loss of freedom. Did I take advantage of my working from home time as much as possible? Could I have enjoyed it more? Could I have worked harder and been able to bring in enough through SMIYT to cover my expenses and ensure I didn't have to go back to a job?


Today I came to terms with the fact that I am probably going back to work. I decided that instead of my normal eat lunch at home, walk to the library and do work type of day, I was going to go out to lunch and work from there (!!!). What a crazy concept, right? But I'm fairly certain in my 1.75 years of working for myself, I NEVER bought lunch at a store and worked from there. How weird, right? I feel like that is such a typical "self-employed" thing!


So I took myself to Wegmans and had lunch at their hot bar :) (spent a whopping $4.50 for lunch; what a big spender right? haha) and worked from there for a few hours. Then I took myself to get froyo. It was fabulous!


Anyway. I'm feeling ALL.THE.EMOTIONS right now but mostly excitement and relief :) I'm excited to get back (semi) into the work force. This blog and my coaching & eCourses definitely aren't going anywhere, though! It might take a few weeks to get into the swing of things but I have no doubt that this big life change will make me even MORE excited to talk about finances :) (gotta rebuild my savings account, woo!)


Oh, and after I wrote that section I went home and had happy hour in bed with Mike to talk it all over. I was having such a hard time wrapping my head around everything that was happening-- talking it over really helped. Also I swear he was there but had just gotten up when I took this picture-- I wasn't just drinking by myself hahaha. (PS happy hour in bed is GENIUS, so comfortable and cozy) (PPS I really miss Summer Shandys... counting down the days until they release them again next summer ;) )



How do you come to terms with big life changes? Writing? Talking it out? Drinking? Eating froyo? Avoiding it until it just happens?