If you're one of my family members or a close friend... you might want to stop reading now.  I'm about to give out secrets about how I plan to be a really good friend and/or family member this year! :)  



One of the things I asked for this Christmas was a new daily planner.  I'm obsessed with the idea of organization, but sometimes I am not quite as organized as I'd like to be.  This planner was my fresh start!  (Does anyone else get really excited at the beginning of the year to use your new planner?  Just me?)


I'm also obsessed with the idea of being one of those super thoughtful people who always remembers birthdays and anniversaries and other important dates.  I don't know what it is- I'm just terrible at paying attention to the calendar!  Everyone's birthdays sneak up on me and I never feel like I have adequate time to find a perfect present.


But this year, I resolve to be more on top of it!  So last week while I was down in VA at my parent's house, I sat down and got myself prepped for this upcoming year.



Step 1:  Write out birthdays

The first thing to do is write out the birthdays of all your family and friends.  I used a 3 reminder system for birthdays...


First, I wrote the person's birthday on the monthly overview page...


...  second, I put it as a "task" on the date page... ["task" is a harsh word, because I do kinda like my family and friends so calling them isn't really a chore :)  Maybe "reminder" is the best term for that?]


... and finally, I wrote a reminder a week before the birthday to send a card!  (SPOILER, family and friends: I'm going to attempt to be good at sending cards this year!)


Step 2:  Write out holidays or other important dates

Here, I'm talking about Mother's Day, Father's Day, Grandparent's Day, etc!  Any important dates that you'd like to give recognition to someone.

I used the same 3 reminder method as with birthdays so that I can remember to send a card and call the person on their specific day.


Step 3:  Write out anniversaries

For anniversaries, I'm going to try to at least send texts to the appropriate parties.  So I wrote the anniversary on the main month page and then also wrote a reminder on those particular dates to text each couple.


Step 4:  Get your supplies

To cut down on that last minute "AHH I don't have a card to send!", I'm going to go out this weekend and buy a stockpile of cards for all the necessary birthdays/holidays this year.  I'll also make sure I have enough stamps so that when the reminder pops up on my calendar to send out a card, all I have to do is write a message, stick it in the envelope, and put it in the mail!


PS-  You should also take this time to make sure you have everyone's home address!  Maybe use this week to email or text your family and friends to make sure you have each person's up to date address :)


Step 5:  Gift Reminders

Another thing I jotted down in the calendar was to buy a gift for each person.


I wrote this in the little "to-do" area of the monthly page.  It's not a task I can easily assign to a particular day, so I figured putting that reminder on the monthly page will be good enough to jog my memory so that I'm not shopping last minute.



Step 6:  Pat yourself on the back for being so smart

Congratulations!  You're now prepared for the upcoming year!




How do you remember birthdays and holidays?