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So a few months ago, I got a french press coffee maker for Mike's birthday. It was one of those sneaky "this is kinda for you but also I really want to use it" gifts... muahaha ;) We've been using it for the past few months, and I really really like it! (Here's the one we have) For those of you who aren't familiar with french presses, here's what it looks like--->

You scoop coffee grinds into the bottom of the carafe, pour boiling water on top, stir around the coffee & grinds together, then let it sit for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, put the plunger in and press down, straining the grounds out of the water. Then pour out your coffee and drink!


I think everyone should replace their coffee makers with a french press. Here's why:


1. Fancy electric coffee makers will eventually break.

I've heard SO MANY stories of pricey Kureigs breaking down like a year after they're purchased! Uhhhh something that costs that much should really last longer than that...

A french press has very few moving parts, and therefore less of a chance of breaking. There's the glass or plastic (in our case, plastic that's so legit I thought it was glass for a long time) body, and a metal plunger with a lid. That's it. The only way it's gonna break is if you drop it!


2. No electricity needed.

Well, except for however you boil your water. I use a tea kettle on our gas stove... so no electricity for me!


3. You feel like a hipster.

Enough said.


4. No need to buy special coffee or individual coffee cups

You can use whatever grounds you want! Although they do recommend you use "coarse ground" coffee, so we get the bags of whole bean coffee and use the coffee grinder in the grocery store to coarse grind it.


5. Better flavor (or so they say)

If you are very particular with how your coffee tastes, french press is supposed to give you a better coffee flavor because once you brew it, it doesn't sit on a hot plate keeping warm (like a traditional coffee maker) which can burn your coffee and make it taste bitter.


6. You can use a french press to make cold brewed coffee

I tried it once and it was pretty delicious! Basically you just stir the coffee grinds and cold water together (the same amount of each that you'd use for hot coffee), then let it sit in the fridge for 12 hours and boom! Cold coffee! Perfect for iced coffee :)


7. No paper filters!

The plunger strains the grounds out instead of having a throwaway paper filter every time you make coffee. Better for the environment!



Soooo.... how do you make coffee?