Welp... big news today...  


WE'RE MOVING BACK TO VIRGINIA!!!!! (just reverse this pic and the "This is us now" is where we'll be going back to :) )


I'm so excited. It's sad to be leaving Rochester but also super exciting to get back to my family and our friends!


We already snagged an AWESOME apartment and I can't wait to show you guys pics! (maybe I'll even do a video tour like last time, haha)


Actually, to be honest, I can't wait to see it either since we haven't even seen the apartment yet! I tried to go check the place out on Friday before I drove back to Rochester, but the leasing office was closed... so I took pictures of the outside and we're hoping for the best ;)



Also it's a TWO BEDROOM, so I'll have an actual office rather than just working out of our living room! YAY!


We'll be moving down on January 15th so at least we have a few weeks to get packed and figure out all the random stuff that needs to happen before you move. I'm re-reading my old posts on moving to help jog my memory on how to move :)


Also, I just realized that this is my sixth move in 4 years. Whoa.


Oh and here's how we celebrated when we got the news... drank some delicious Canadian beer! :)


And then walked to the bar up the street from us... how cute is this place?!


The bar is called half pint because you can order half pints of beer. So this is really like the equivalent of two beers, not four. haha, we weren't raging that hard.


So. There's what's going on in my life!



Now tell me what's going on in your life! Did you have a good Christmas? Got any moving tips for me? :)