You might recall that I set a pretty lofty resolution for 2015: waking up earlier. So far, sadly, I've been really bad at sticking to it.  


I know the benefits that waking up earlier can get me. I know that I love the feeling of actually being awake early (not so much the actual 'waking up' part, though). But I just cannot seem to actually get the heck out of bed in the morning!!


I'm contemplating the method where you print a calendar and draw a big black X over the days you complete your desired task (aka waking up early) and the motivation of keeping the chain of X's going keeps you working at your task. (Courtney is also doing this for her goal of NOT eating out in restaurants 300 days this year! I love her calendar method)


But I know there are other genius ideas that I just don't know about... so here's where I'm asking you for a favor. Do you have any other good motivational tricks or techniques that can help me stick with my goal???? 


Anywayyy other than that struggle, here's what's going on in my life:


It snowed kind of a lot yesterday. I don't know how much... 4-6" maybe? So obviously everything in the entire state, basically, shut down. It's still funny comparing how VA handles snow vs. upstate NY :) I'm not complaining though, because that meant Mike got to work from home yesterday! WOOOO for a coworker!


How pretty is the city hall covered in snow? SO PRETTY. I know.


My hair post-lunchtime-snow-walk. So much snow in the hair. Note to self: tuck hair in hood before going on a walk next time.


BIG NEWS. I recently gave baths another try and I actually think I like them! You can get SO WARM!! I think I might finally understand why everyone always loves baths.


Also. Just in case you think I never fall victim to impulse shopping... yeah. This happened while running errands Wednesday. They were amazing.



Do you have any tips or tricks for sticking with a new habit?

In my case, particularly waking up early.. but really any tips/tricks for any type of habit would be great! :) THANKS IN ADVANCE! you're the best <3