Phew.  We're all moved in and we finally have internet!  Woohoo!  Note:  don't wait until the day before you move to schedule your internet installation.  They'll be all booked up and you'll have to wait 5 days (!!!) for the next appointment.


floor bed

We brought a few things over last Thursday afternoon and officially started living here that night (we didn't have our mattress, so we camped out on a makeshift floor-bed, as seen above).  Our lease technically started Friday but we were too excited to wait!


uhaul moving

Then we moved all the rest of our stuff out of the storage unit on Saturday morning.  We rented another U-haul to move all the stuff that we've had in a storage unit for the past few weeks.


Then we drove (okay let's be serious... Mike drove) the Uhaul to the new apartment and unloaded it.  And that whole process (packing, driving, unpacking) was done within 2.5 hours!  (A big thank you to Mike's parent's for helping us!  We couldn't have done it without you!!!)


unpacking new apt

This was the aftermath of moving.  Thankfully, by now we've set it up and pretty much unpacked everything!


So... since this is probably the cleanest the apartment will ever be... I made a short (7 min... is that short?  probably not, sorry, I like to ramble) video of the new place.  Check it out below!


Hope you enjoyed the tour! :)