Wow.  It has officially been a whole week since I moved to Rochester.  Insane!  


It's been a busy week/weekend so let's see if I can recap some of the highlights real quick...


1.  I've forced Mike to take me to all the coolest area Wegmans.  (Rochester, after all, is where Wegmans began!)  The pictures above are a tea shop and chocolate shop located in one of the stores!  They also have stand alone restaurants and legit sit-down, served by a waiter, restaurants attached to some of their stores.  I think I'll be needing to try those...


2.  I also might have convinced him to buy me some Wegman's frozen custard during that particular visit... man everything they make is amazing!


3.  It's definitely fall up here.  The trees are gorgeous!  Just look at that neon yellow tree...  I don't think I've ever seen one so bright!


4.  I already found my favorite seat in the library up here.  It's at a table in the back that's near a power strip (my old computer dies after about 15 minutes without a charger, ugh).  Something about being in a library makes me focus more.  I need to step up my working game this week so I envision I will spend a few days camped out at that table!


5.  We've spent the past few days touring apartments in downtown Rochester.  The housing market up here is really cool because much of the city's housing consists of old (built in ~1900) mansions that have been split up into various sized apartments.  We toured an apartment in that stone/brown/white house- it was bonkers.  I think they told us there were ~10 apartments in that house?!  Yeah, it was HUGE.  I don't think we're going to go with that one (which is why I'm okay with showing the house to the world wide web) because it was a bit pricier than some others we've seen, but it sure was cool.



6.  Here is a peek of the apartment that we fell in love with.  (Ignore the power tools, they're giving it some minor updates)  We visited the apartment Saturday and put in an application within an hour of the tour.  We haven't heard back yet (which is driving me nuts- I am way too impatient for this), but we're hoping that we were the first to apply so we should be given first choice.  Keep your fingers crossed for us!


7.  Yesterday we ventured to an orchard to pick some apples.  It's funny- I'm still so used to northern VA life so I expected the orchard to be mobbed with people... but I couldn't have been more wrong.  We had free reign of the whole place, basically.  There couldn't have been more than 20 other people there the whole time... amazing.  Apples were only $0.80/lb- do you know how cheap that is?!  Normally apples at the grocery store are $1.79-$1.99/lb!  What a bargain.  We took home 6 or 7 apples and paid a whopping $2.00 (with tax).  I like this.


8.  Then we drove out to Brockport, NY.  It's a small college town about 30 minutes west of Rochester.  Super cute!  It reminds me of the town I went to college in, but a little smaller.  Tons of little shops and restaurants.


9.  Last night I had a massive craving for sushi.  Mike has had one minor encounter with sushi so I wanted to get him to try some new rolls.  I was so excited to get our plate full o' sushi that I forgot to take a picture before we started eating... so this half-eaten shot will have to do.  We got 2 "cooked" rolls (with smoked salmon) and 2 raw rolls- 1 spicy tuna and 1 rainbow (tuna, salmon, swordfish).  HE LOVED IT!  Success.  I forsee many more sushi nights in my future... :)


10.  Speaking of food, check out one of Rochester's specialties:  the Garbage Plate.  There's all sorts of restaurants that serve these monstrosities: this particular plate was home fries + macaroni salad on the bottom, pulled pork on top, and all covered with onions, ketchup, and "hot sauce" (which is a spicy meat sauce that's also a Rochester staple).  Mike and I split this the other night after going out with some of his friends.  We managed to finish it but goodness it was ginormous.So.  That's what's been up around here.  Keep your fingers crossed for us to hear back about the awesome apartment! :)



How was your weekend?!  Tell me the coolest thing you did!