I haven't done one of these "hey here's all the pictures on my phone let me put them all together and add some words and call it a post" in awhile.  I figure it is about time, especially because I just got my NEW MOTO X Republic Wireless phone YESTERDAY!  So what better time to clean all the pics off my old phone, right?


{post on the new phone will be coming soon!}

Did I tell you that we put our Christmas tree up kinda early?  Like... maybe over a week before Thanksgiving?  I couldn't wait any longer.  Also, fun fact: this tree used to be a window display in a Victoria's Secret!



When I got back to Rochester after Thanksgiving, Mike and I were in desperate need of a grocery shopping trip.  I'm not quite sure how he survived while I was gone because there was legit nothing in our fridge when I got back.  Anyway, I talked him into going to the fanciest Wegman's in the area so that we could get beers before shopping!  Yes seriously, one of the stores has a little cafe area where they serve beer.  #bestshoppingtripever



Our neighborhood had its Christmas Tree (and menorah) lighting last week!



There were so many people in costume.  These guys were in light up costumes!  We also saw the entire cast of Sesame Street (?), a dinosaur (?), and Santa (of course).



We learned that the Coldwell Banker down the street throws an amazing party!  Our neighborhood has a few festivals throughout the year and evidently Coldwell Banker always opens their office up and provides wine and beer and food fo' free!  We overheard someone saying they went through 400 bottles of wine during this event. Whoa!



On Saturday night we went to see the city of Rochester's Christmas pole!  I have no idea why they light a POLE but it is what it is.






This is my favorite building in the city right now- so cute!



Mike got me a bike rack and panniers for Christmas!  I was far too impatient to wait until Christmas to use them so he installed them last week and on Sunday we took the bikes on their maiden grocery voyage.  I'll try to do a post on it soon!



So that's what we've been doing for the last few weeks.  What kinda stuff have you been up to?