So the other day I read a post by Sarah at Sweet Miles and absolutely loved the concept: she posted a few of her Instagram pictures and gave the REAL story behind what was happening in the picture.  


Too often I find myself comparing myself to other people (through instagram, facebook, etc) and feeling inadequate because I see other people's instagrammed lives and assume that they are so perfect and I'm a failure!


So in the interest of full disclosure, I wanted to do this too, to share what was really happeneing behind the scenes of some of my Instagram pictures! :)


I think I captioned this pic as "my desk for the day". That was true for about 2 minutes, until I actually sat down and started working at said desk. Turns out there are a SWARM of bees that camp out there all day- I quickly got skeeved out and went back inside for the day.



I posted this really beautiful-looking picture of a beer tasting flight... but the sad reality is that I hated every single one of those beers. And  it was probably the most expensive tasting we've ever done... boo.



These folders make me look really organized right? Yeah, they lasted for about 3 days before I gave up on them. They were more of a nuisance. I am back to my non-organized ways.



This was taken at the halfway point of a road trip to VA with Mike. We were grumpy with each other about something dumb and basically didn't talk for the entire 7 hour drive. But you'd never know that from the picture ;)



I gave up on this book shortly after I started reading it. It was weird (the illustrations didn't help) and I didn't feel like I was getting much out of it.#sorrynotsorry



I put this up on a recent Friday night (it was actually my 100th happy day post!). It makes it look like we're having a great night at home, right? Nah, we were actually kinda depressed- we had no friends to hang out with so we settled on drinking beer and watching Catfish reruns and going to bed at like 11pm.



The real story behind the picture is that I was about to go give my first ever Toastmasters speech, and I was so incredibly nervous that I thought I was going to puke. I couldn't even think about eating, so Mike took one for the team and made me dinner :)



So, there ya have it. Pictures do not always tell the whole story. Remember: next time you're checking out someone's pictures/status updates on social media- not everything is as perfect as it seems :)


Tell me a funny story behind one of your Instagrams!