It occurred to me that I've never shared any specifics about my spending habits.  


You guys know that I was able to save up enough money to quit my office job and start my own biz- and you might think I used some sort of witchcraft (or family inheritance, or lottery winnings) to be able to do so.


Nope. Not the case at all.


Basically, I just got my monthly spending REEEEEALLY low and then put every extra dollar into my savings accounts. Simple as that. And if you're trying to pay off debt, just substitute "loan repayment" for "savings account" and it's simple for you, too! ;)


I can't find a picture that has anything to do with this post, so I'll share this one. My lovely mother saw my instagram pic (from a few months ago!) about these cute little bowls at Target and BOUGHT ONE FOR ME. She brought it with her when she came to visit! How freakin' awesome is that? I have the best mom ever :) Oh she also gave us the red wine that we're drinking here. YUM. Thanks, Mom!


My Current Monthly Spending

Here's my spending for May 2014:

Rent = $390   (jealous? move to Rochester! ;) )

Groceries = $145

Health = $156   (includes $150 for health insurance)

Gas = $32   (working from home for the win!)

Bills = $50   (Internet + Electricity... and I didn't pay a cell phone bill since I have referral credits but normally that'd be an extra $10)

Personal = $55

Gifts = $22

Entertainment = $168

Business Expenses = $62

TOTAL = $1,080


I actually aim to come in under $1k each month, but things always pop up. Oh well. Even if my spending stays slightly higher than I want, plus a few thousand for extra expenses (ex. a new computer, vacation)- I'm coming in around $15-17k for an entire year's worth of spending. Whoa.



Last Year's Spending

And before you write me off saying that my rent is so cheap and my gas spending is so low- let me tell you what I spent for all of 2013 (when I did have job to commute to and lived in the super expensive DC area):


Wait for it, wait for it... AND THAT INCLUDES BUYING A NEW (to me) CAR for $10k!!!!


So subtract the car, and I spent about $25k per year to live in the DC area. Not as bad as you'd expect, huh?



Have I convinced you yet?

You don't have to bring in $100k to be able to save a significant amount of money each month. Get your spending low as low as you possibly can, and save (or put towards debt repayment) every extra penny.


It's as simple as that.


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Do you have any idea how much you spend in an average year?