This past weekend was the BEST-- it was my birthday weekend!  


We started Friday night by heading to SUNY Brockport to watch a hockey game!


(ignore the frizzy hair, maybe shoulda brushed my hair that day, huh?)


Saturday we woke up early and headed to Syracuse to explore! We ended up on the campus of Syracuse University and discovered that they were playing Duke in football that day... so there were billions of people on campus pre-gaming for the football game!



Here's the the band!- they were playing the mario bros theme song, haha.


Then we drove to Utica, NY and visited the Saranac brewery for a tour :) The tour was awesome... the whole brewery is super old so everything inside is really old and legit looking.


These are gigantic copper kettles! Our tour guide (down there at the bottom of the pic) said those copper kettles give Saranac an advantage over other breweries because they conduct heat SO well that they boil liquid way faster than any other brewery can. Saranac bought the kettles when copper was super duper cheap and now it's ridiculously expensive so no other breweries can buy kettles like that. I thought that was really interesting!


And here's the bottling/packaging room. This picture captured like, one quarter of the entire room. It was SO BIG and really intense looking. Sadly, they only bottle during the week, so we didn't see it in action.


At the end of the tour, we got TWO FULL BEERS EACH... how awesome is that!? And it only cost $5 each for the tour/beers! That is such a good deal. I highly recommend you hit up that brewery if you're ever in the area ;)


We took a picture of a big group of guys at the table next to us, so then they offered to take a picture of us. This was the result. I'm mid-laugh... attractive, right? At least Mike looks good :)


After the tour we drove back to Mike's parent's house then headed out to SUNY Geneseo and went to another hockey game!


I think my favorite part about college hockey is how close you are to the ice! (but also bad because I get scared I'll get hit with a puck) Also that opposite side of the rink was full of Geneso students and they were all SO into the game. I loved their school spirit. There was a big group of guys with their stomachs painted. That's dedication!


Then Sunday morning (my acutal bday) we...


started with mimosas...


then made monkey bread! (don't worry family, it's not THE monkey bread recipe, I know that's only allowed to be eaten on Christmas!) I used this recipe and it was so good. Soooo good. We had eggs and potatoes too, but obviously I didn't care about that part enough to take a pic. haha


Then our friends stopped by (HI SHAYNA AND JOHN) and brought me hard cider and a pumpkin roll :) Thanks guys!!!


And finally Mike and I put up the Christmas tree! He's doing no shave November (which is not exactly my favorite thing) soooo I get to do "put the Christmas tree up early" November! Compromise.


It was the best birthday ever :)



When is your birthday? How do you usually celebrate?