Did you hear that Starbucks is getting in on the Halloween deals? I updated Wednesday's post but I'll include it here, too, just so you know: Starbucks is offering $3 grande "Franken Frappuccinos" (and evidently you can get ANY grande frapp for $3) after 2pm Oct 29-31. I kinda want to try the Franken Frapp-- it's a green tea frapp with peppermint and other stuff added in. Sounds pretty good! But, I mean, $3 for a grande isn't that good of a deal. You're probably saving, what, a dollar or so? Still cool though!


Anyway. Onto the scheduled post :)


I invented something pretty delicious last week.


Well, I probably didn't invent it, because I'm sure someone has done it before. But still, I tried it for the first time, and it was the most brilliant and delicious thing EVER.


Enter: A chocolate chip cookie with a REESE'S baked in the middle.


Uhmmmmm--- YES!


Since today's Halloween and all, this could be a good recipe to use up Halloween candy! I haven't tried it with anything besides Reese's, but I bet Snickers or a Milky Way would be awesome, too!


Here's how I did it:



Remember awhile ago when I talked about freezing cookie dough? Yeah, I still do that. It's the best trick ever. Except when you eat them straight out of the freezer... oops :)  (PS- in case I haven't mentioned this a billion times before-- THIS is my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe. It's so good!)


So I took those frozen balls and thawed two of them out... just enough so that I could flatten them and add the star of the show...


Half of a Reeses pumpkin!


I put half the Reeses on a flattened cookie dough ball, then added the other flattened cookie dough piece on top. (I had pretty small cookie dough balls, so maybe you could do this with just one).


Like this. And then I smooshed the sides together until the Reese's was completely covered by dough.


Then I baked the cookie at the recommended temp for that particular recipe, just adding an extra minute or two to account for the extra volume.


Then you get this! A beautiful cookie with a REESE'S BAKED INTO THE MIDDLE. This isn't the best picture because, honestly, I didn't want to waste time fiddling with my camera when I had a WARM cookie to eat, duhhhh.


Speaking of... I recommend eating these right out of the oven. I haven't tried them at room temperature, but I imagine they're much better all ooey gooey and hot.


You are welcome. Happy Halloween! :)



What's your favorite cookie recipe?

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