As I mentioned last week, my parents made the long trek up to Rochester for a few days!


I was SO excited that they came. It's a looooong drive (7 hours... or 10 if you take the scenic route like they did ;) ) so I really appreciate anyone that makes it up here! (I'm still waiting on SOME of my family members to come visit... AHEM...)


So today I'm going to give you a whole buncha pictures so that you feel like you were hanging out with us all weekend! :)


First on the activity list was Niagara Falls. It's only about 1.5 hours from our house... I still can't believe I live so close to such an AWESOME place!


Have you ever been there? If not, I'll give you a walk through :)


When you first walk up to the falls, you'd probably be AMAZED at the mist. It looks like smoke and there is SO much of it!



Then you keep walking until you reach the edge! It's insane how close you get to the falls.



Yeah. There's no zoom in this picture- we were legit that close!


If you look down, you can check out the people on the "Maid of the Mist" boats-- those are the ones that you have to wear a poncho on because you get so close to the falls that you get SOAKED!



Again, that's not a zoomed in picture. We were really that close. And those little pink figures on top of that boat are people in pink ponchos! :)


Then we took my parents to see Lake Ontario.


I love taking people to the Lake. It's still so crazy to me that I live 20 minutes (!!!!) from a GREAT LAKE! People. That is bonkers.


We even live close enough that we can BIKE TO IT! (but I'll never ever be doing that again, haha)


Just chillin' at a Great Lake. NBD.


We also went on a tour of George Eastman's house. For anyone who doesn't know who he is (aka anyone NOT from Rochester), he's the inventor of Kodak and an all around entrepreneurial baller. He made his first million by age 26... and I'm pretty sure that's in late 1800 dollars.


(again I say: NBD)


So anyway, he was obviously a very rich man and he had a really suh-weeeet house, which I LIVE LESS THAN 10 MINUTES -- walking!!!-- from. Insanity.


And we hadn't gone to visit until last weekend. Whoops.


I didn't take a picture of the front of the house, but here's some pics of the back & his gardens.


This was the view from his mom's bedroom. Imagine waking up every day and looking at this view?!



Here's the back of the house. So pretty!


Oh and this is really just thrown in here for kicks and giggles: this painting was in George Eastman's house, and the guy looks EXACTLY like my dad! Anyone in my family reading this right now: doesn't this look like Dad?!!


There's a whole bunch of other stuff we did that I didn't take pictures of (walking around our neighborhood, getting ice cream at Abbotts, having Mike's parents over for a group dinner, wine tasting, checking out one of the finger lakes, lunch at Tim Hortons... :) )


We ended the weekend by taking my parents to the Genesee Brew House. (Genesee is one of the biggest beers makers up here)


Dinner was awesome, but the even more awesome part was the view!


Yet another waterfall to cap off the weekend :) That's a place called High Falls. It's right in the middle of the city- how cool!


Oh and then I finally checked my PO box (dang anti-spam laws make bloggers disclose their address; I'm not a fan of putting my actual home address on things so I got a PO box. I've checked it twice in the last 8 months, whoops) and got some fun mail!


A few months ago, I was contacted by a high school yearbook advisor from Irving, Texas, and was asked to write a guest article for their senior edition of the newspaper. I wrote an article about saving money while in college, and they published it! (along with my blogger friend Daisy from Full Thyme Student-- you may know her from our guest post swap and my most FAVORITE recipe ever: Thanksgiving Chicken!)


So anyway. I felt like a celeb seeing my name in print ;)


Welp. That about wraps up the highlights of our weekend! Thanks again, Mom and Dad, for making the drive up to the Arctic Circle! Miss ya already :)


PS to my blogger friends: I made a vid that you might be interested in! Have you ever wondered how people make those fancy 3d e-book covers? I figured out how to do it!!! {okay, okay- Mike taught me} I made a vid to show you how to do it, too! Check it out here :)



If I came to your town RIGHT NOW, what sights would you take me to see?

(but watch out, don't sell me on your town too much or else you might really find me on your doorstep...)