The other day, Chelsea from The New Wifestyle nominated me to do a little blog questionnaire... and a few weeks (months? it was a long time... whoopsies) ago Karen from The Mile Report nominated me to answer some other questions. I was going to wrap them all up together into one post... until I realized they were the same 4 questions.... sooo guess that's a sign that I really should do this? ha!  


BTW, you should really check out those ladies' blogs-- they are both HILARIOUS!


Karen's blog talks about running (she's ridiculously fast) and really good looking vegetable & hummus sandwiches. And other stuff too, (like how she just ran across a not-quite-dry recently paved parking lot... haha) but I get distracted by the sandwiches. I'm still waiting for her to either start a restaurant where I can buy one or maybe just mail me one. That would travel well by mail, right?

Chelsea's blog talks about marriage and relationships and hilarious stories from her life. Oh and also her husband WON TOASTMASTERS (yeah, the world championship in 2012, HE WON IT, nbd) so their picture occasionally shows up in my Toastmasters magazine, which is how you know you've made it in life.


So anyway. Here's a little survey that'll give you some info on what goes on behind the scenes of my blog!



What am I working on?

Currently, 2 main things:

1- Tweaking a few little things in my Budget Coaching program. I've had a few people complete the program, so I want to take their feedback and make sure everything is perrrrfect.

2- Now that I've been doing this biz thanggg for almost a year (!!!) I want to rework some of my original products: namely, the Tracking Your Money Boot Camp. I'm taking it offline and reworking it into an e-course because I like that method better than one big e-guide. Soooo that will probably be taking a lot of my attention in the next few months! :)


How do my creative doings differ from others in this genre?

I think I'm a little different because I try to be a cross between a lifestyle blog and a financial blog-- my two favorite blog genres :) I was an avid blog reader before starting this blog, and I couldn't find any blogs that were perfect for me... so I started one that I would like reading!

I don't really like talking about mathematical concepts (like how an additional x% interest means an extra $x in payments, blah blah) or super frugal things (like reusing tea bags 5 times to save money.. yeah, no thanks).




I want to live a "normal" life so I talk about Starbucks and Target and Chipotle (too much, probably, but hey, that's my life) and things I did last weekend. My goal is to show people that you can have a normal life while still being smart with your money!


Why do I write or create what I do?

I started this blog because I realized I was doing something different than my peers. I realized that most people I knew were deep in debt with no plans to get out, or they just didn't care AT ALL about their financial future. I hated knowing that these 20-something peers were setting themselves up for really tough times later in life, just because they were being silly right now.

Once I quit my job and started doing this as a biz, I started creating products that would help other people do the same things I did: track my money, create a budget, save up for their biggest dreams (like quitting their office job, too! woooo!)


How does my creative process work?

I get inspiration for blog posts from a few different sources-- my favorite inspiration is from friends & readers who send me emails with questions and blog ideas! I also listen to a bunch of podcasts, read books, and browse blogs to get ideas. I jot all my post ideas down in a list in Evernote so that on those days that I don't feel so creative, I know what to write about!




When I'm creating a product, I try to unplug from the computer and take a lot of time to brainstorm offline. Writing things down on paper usually gets me more creative than sitting at the computer. I outline the whole project, then make a to-do list of all the individual things to do (I'm a sucker for a to-do list!) and make a rough schedule of when all the to-dos need to be done... and then get to workin! :)



YAY that was fun. Thanks so much for the nomination, Karen & Chelsea!!

I nominate Erin from Journey to Saving -- I want to know what goes on behind the scenes of your blog! :) AND anyone else who wants to do it!



How does YOUR creative process work?