I am currently reading this book and CANNOT PUT IT DOWN.


It's so good. I read somewhere that it would be good for people who like Gone Girl, so I put it on hold and am not disappointed so far!


And then I saw a link on Cupcakes & Cashmere for 12 Books to read if you loved Girl on the Train (that aren't Gone Girl)... ummm, they all sound amazing.


Also... We went shopping at Aldi for the first time yesterday!! (I've been once before but just to scope it out, didn't buy anything) It seemed a LOT cheaper than our typical Wegmans trips but there are a few things we want to keep getting at Wegz (multi packs of eggs are cheaper, stir fry sauce that I'm obsessed with, chicken, tea). So I don't know if we'll stick with Aldi permanently but we'll see!


Side story: of courseeeee our first time at Aldi they did that cart swap thing  when we were checking out (where the cashier puts your stuff in a different cart than the one you originally had) and we ended up a cart with the quarter rental thing broken?!? (at Aldi you have to put a quarter in to get a cart... its their way of making you return your own cart, to get your quarter back, so they don't have to pay employees to retrieve carts) SOOO we go to return our cart and get our quarter back and we literally can't get the quarter. We thought we were doing something wrong but then another lady came by and verified that we were doing it right, but the quarter was jammed in wrong? ... it was a whole debacle. The nice lady ended up taking the cart from us and giving us her quarter but I was cracking up because OF COURSE that would happen to the 2 new Aldi shoppers... haha ughhh


What are you up to this weekend?

I'm going to be obsessively reading The Girl on the Train andddd making smoothies because I stocked up on frozen fruit YUM!