I don't even know where to start this post.  So much has happened in the past 5 days that I can't even stop to process all the changes.  


--  The response from my family and coworkers about our adventure was so amazing.  I can't believe how many people said that they've always wanted to try something new, or that they can't wait until retirement to pursue their dreams, or how they would love to take off on an adventure like this.  I hope that me taking this risk will help someone else to do the same!  That would make me so happy.


--  Mike just asked how this blog post was coming.  I told him that I was having writers block.  Now that I made the first move towards accomplishing my biggest goals, I don't even know what to write about...?


--  Things I need to start looking into:

  • health care (whether I can get back on my parents plan since I'm still under 26 or if I need to buy my own)
  • rolling over my 401k
  • u-haul prices
  • canceling our lease
  • and so many other things that I can't even remember...


--  My brain is also full of things that I still need to do at work before leaving.  I have 14 work days left.  That means only 112 hours.  That is ridiculous.


--  Maybe I should start to figure out, you know, how to make money while I'm unemployed?


--  Mike's main concern in this entire situation is whether we can keep our license plates and drivers licenses.  Seems like you're supposed to switch them... but we JUST registered our cars so we might attempt to cheat the system and keep our VA stuff.  We'll see.  (sidenote:  why do guys have such random worries?  car registration was the least of my concerns in this move, haha)


--  Instead of doing anything productive relating to the move, we found ourselves at Target tonight buying boxed wine (surprisingly delicious) and toilet paper.  Aka the necessities.


--  Also, if your life ever feels out of control, turn on Teen Mom on MTV.  I guarantee that your life will look perfect in comparison.



Next time I promise I'll try to string together a slightly more coherent and thought provoking post for ya.



How's your day going?  Tell me something random.