So I've evidently decided that this week will be the week of GETTING.THINGS.DONE in a big way.  


I'm attempting to tackle my taxes AND licensing my business in VA. Ohhhhh boy-- it's been a fun week so far ;)


Anyway, since my brain has turned to mush due to those tasks, I figured I'd show you guys a few pics from my recent escapades because pictures are fun and that's just what I wanna do :)


On Friday, Mike and I hit up Trader Joe's for wine and ice cream (try not to be too jealous of our hoppin' Friday night) and came away with these gems. I've been on the hunt for a not-so-sweet wine because thus far in life I've only liked super sweet wines. This one was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. I think they sell it in a big wine cube, too, for $12 (and it's the equivalent of 4 bottles so that's $3 a bottle... yes please!) so I will most def be getting that next time we're at TJ's.


I mentioned that I was going to visit one of my friends this weekend, right? I had a lovely ladies night with two of my bffs in Richmond, VA and it was AWESOME. Look at my friend's apartment. How cute, right?? Those windows are like 15 feet high, it's insane. She fed us massive amounts of cheese-filled dips (one had BACON in it?! uhhh cheese and bacon is probably the best combo ever) and I was in heaven.


We went on a walk around Richmond Sunday morning because the weather was ahhhhhmazing. High 60s and sunny? YES PLEASE. We did the pipeline walk again (it was my third time... remember how scared I was the first time I did it?! Yeah I still get pretty scared) and found a rock to sit on for awhile and stare at this pretty view. It was glorious.


Something I'm also attempting this week {that is WAY more fun than taxes and business licensing} is making a little recipe book. Well, not so much a 'book', I guess, but an index card holder. Same diff.


I've found that Saturday/Sunday mornings before we go grocery shopping I am TOTALLY not in the mood to think about food. I'm way too lazy to get on my comp and check out my Recipes page or Pinterest to search for recipes, so we've been eating the same rotation of food for soooo many weeks and I'm over it. So I figure writing our recipes on index cards will make it easier to {lay on the couch and} flip through and pick a few exciting meals for that week. I'll see how it helps next weekend when we shop!



What are you up to this week? Any fun or not-so-fun tasks that you're trying to get done?

Let me know what you're doing and we can motivate each other! :)