I can be a pretty self-motivated person. I like to think that I have enough willpower to make myself do something even if it's not my favorite activity.  


But sometimes, that willpower falters. I get caught up by an activity that I do NOT want to do, and no amount of self-motivation is going to make me do it.


In those cases, I bribe myself.


And, since I write about saving money, it's only fitting that I bribe myself in mostly thrifty ways. Here are my favorite methods of cheap bribery!


Treat Yourself!

  • paint your nails
  • curl up on the couch and watch your favorite movie
  • let yourself read a non-educational book from the lib (sometimes I feel guilty getting a fiction book since I figure I should be reading about finances or business or something... so letting myself check out a fiction book is a treat!)
  • bake a dessert... and eat a lot of it (I'm partial to these chocolate chip cookies)
  • take a bath (I'm actually not a fan but I know many people are)
  • do an exercise that you don't normally do- yoga, walking, leisurely bike ride, etc
  • make a delicious homemade coffee drink (bonus points if you include whipped creme or chocolate syrup on top)
  • freetetris.org (ADDICTING)
  • Netflix marathon of your favorite show (for those of you who have Netflix, unlike me, haha)



What are your favorite (cheap!) ways to bribe motivate yourself to do things?