I've said it before:  I kinda just track my spending rather than budget it.  Does that make me a bad person?  No.  I firmly believe that whatever system you use to keep track of your money is the right decision.  For me, tracking is usually the answer.


...except for this weekend.


Mike was out of town visiting his parents and I was left to my own devices.  I don't know where it came from, but I had randomly gotten the urge to organize and decorate our lil apartment in Mike's absence.  So (other than laying on the couch watching a marathon of the TV show about the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders) I spent my time in TJMaxx, HomeGoods, and Target.  Obviously a good choice.




I don't regret any of the stuff I bought.  I only spent about $90, which isn't completely ridiculous.  Believe me, I could have spent about $200 more.  But after I just said that I'd rather save $5 than spend it on unnecessary items, this seems a bit hypocritical.


So back to the budget.  If I had a real, honest to goodness budget in place, I would have been able to say "ok Ashley, you can only spend $45 on home decor this month!"  and then I would have prioritized which purchases were most important to me.  But since I don't have a budget, I had free reign over the store(s) and my credit card reflected that.


Anyway, the point of this post isn't to say that you should never spend money.  I firmly believe that you need some wiggle room every once in awhile.  You should be able to enjoy life during your financial journey!  You shouldn't waste your youth being super frugal, because you'll miss out on a lot of awesome experiences.


Like decorating your apartment with cute picture frames...



(I ordered prints from Snapfish to fill these frames but they aren't here yet.  So you get to see empty picture frames!)


If you realize that you may have a bad spending habit, try slapping a budget on it and try to keep within that budget from now on.  Give yourself some structure rather than going hog wild in the aisles of your neighborhood Target.  Because that never ends well...