So. This weekend was an exciting one!  


Mike and I spent Saturday at a Buffalo Bills game... it was really, really cool!



The stadium is only an hour and a half from our house, so it was a super easy road trip. We ended up paying $20 to park (in a FIELD because I just wanted to park the car somewhere... we probably could have found one for $15 but oh well haha) and walked a super short distance to the field.


I don't know if all stadiums are like this, but oh my goodness you definitely do NOT have to park in the actual stadium parking lots (which would have been $25). There was a residential/commercial area pretty close to the stadium and people had homemade signs made to advertise their driveways/parking lots for cheaper! So we def could have found a place for $10 (or even $5!) if we had known about those. If we go again, we would probably go to one of those!



Fun fact: I learned from Mike's dad that the stadium is built into the GROUND (used to be a quarry?) so it doesn't really look that impressive when you walk up-- but once you walk in, the field is all below you!



This is us in our seats-- we had a SWEET spot! Mike found these tickets for about $15 each on Stub Hub- how awesome is that?! I discovered that seating in the end zone is all bleachers-- is it like that at every stadium?


Ok now to the actual point of this post...


How to get a cheap sports jersey:

Step 1. Wait until your team of choice gets rid of (or trades? I guess that's the correct terminology) a player.

Step 2. Go to Kohl's (or another store like that) and search for that player's jersey. It will most likely be on super sale since no one wants a jersey of a player who's no longer on the team!*

*if you are a person who actually cares about players... well, I guess this method won't work for you. sorrryyyyyyy!

Step 3. Purchase said jersey at a super discount because you are a genuis ;)

Mike got the jersey he's wearing for 70% off ($30 instead of $100!) just because the Bills had recently traded that player. Brilliant!! (PS that is reason #2348 that I date him... he's even smarter with saving money than I am!)



After the game (they lost, womp womp) we visited Mike's bro at his college (HI SEAN!) and then grabbed dinner at Moe's. The game tickets had coupons to Moe's ($2 off burritos) so we took advantage of that... 2 awesome burritos (and I even had left overs) for a little over $10. WIN!


THENNNNNN since we were still in Buffalo and that is approximately 10 miles from Niagara Falls, we decided to hop on over there are see the falls at night!


There are BIG colorful lights on the Canadian side that point at the falls and light them up into cool colors. I'd heard of it but never witnessed it for myself- so we went!



It was cool but sadly, you couldn't see much from the American side. (I don't know if you've ever been to Niagara, but you can be on either the Canadian side or the American side and see the falls. The American side has not quite as good of a view of the falls as on the Canadian side. If you go visit (& have a passport), you should def to go the Canadian side to get the best view :) )




Our view was something like this-- all those buildings are on the Canadian side, and the lights are shining onto the falls underneath us!


Theeeeen Sunday I slept in until 11am (yesss) and we walked to McDonalds to get free coffee (!). We got some of those McD's coupon books in the mail and there was a coupon for a completely free (no purchase necessary) small coffee. You better believe I take advantage of those coupons!


And then we went to a local library and sat in on a first time home buyer class. It was really cool! Mike's thinking of buying in the next few years but neither of us have ANY idea what the home buying process is like... the class definitely gave us a good overview of it! And we got free cookies... soooooo there's that.



What'd you do this weekend?