1. Mike & I played hooky on Monday and road-tripped to Canada. It was our Christmas present to each other :) We realized that we haven't been to Canada in over a year-- even though we live RIGHT THERE! (it's about an hour/hour and a half to the border... so insanely close to another country!!!) Actually, the last time we went was when my brother and his wife came to visit for my birthday right after we moved up! (throwback post :) )  


But really, I strongly suggest going on mini-road trips as presents instead of giving each other gifts. It's probably cheaper (depending on what you normally buy each other) and wayyyy more fun! Plus, less christmas shopping. win-win.


So we visited two breweries and a winery. (going to new breweries is kinda our favorite thing ever)


And then we went down to the water and looked at America! That land mass in the distance is the good ol' USA :)


#canadianselfie #eh?


2. Mike's brother came over Wednesday night and we made sugar cookies! But we didn't have any cookie cutters so we freestyled. (PS we used this recipe for the cookie and this for the icing- both were great!)



Also before we started baking I realized I was OUT OF SUGAR (how on earth I let that happen... no clue) so I had to go old school to our neighbor's door and ask to borrow sugar. So see that "Thank You" cookie on the left side of the pic? We made that to give to the neighbor as thanks for the sugar, hahaha


3. Speaking of neighbors, tonight we're heading to our other neighbor's apartment (I call them neighbors but they all live in the same house as us haha) for an ugly sweater party! I impulse purchased (oops) these leggings from Target the other week so I will be wearing those! Also I looked on Amazon for ugly sweaters (not that I was going to buy one, just to see what's out there) and omg there are some amazing ones... how cute is this one?! hahaha love it



Are you going to any ugly sweater parties this year?

What are your weekend plans!?