I haven't done a good photo dump post in a little while so that's what you're going to get today.



Also, Friday was my 100th post!  I am not nearly as eloquent as EM so my post will be nothing compared to hers... but I'll just say thanks for reading 100 of my posts and here's to hoping that I only get funnier as time goes on!


On our way back to NY last weekend, we stopped at Skeeter's BBQ, a barbecue joint that sits on top of a mountain (hill?) right off rt-15 in Pennsylvania.  We always see it whenever we make the VA-NY drive but had never stopped.  Mike has a minor pulled pork obsession so it was only a matter of time before we stopped to try it out!  It was delicious.  And the views from the restaurant were AMAZING!


Our newest home brew is done!  This one was another IPA, but less hoppy than our others... more brown ale-ish?  It's really good!


In my never-ending quest for getting more organized/productive, I spent a few hours last week planning out my next big business moves.  I took some sheets of printer paper, a felt tipped pen (new obsession), and a big cup of tea, and started brainstorming.


Then I took those big business goals and made my weekly to-do list.  I think I'm going to try to do this every week- review my big goals and then make a weekly to-do list that helps me get closer to accomplishing my goals.  It's easier for me to plan short term things, but I need to keep my long-term priorities in mind too! Hopefully this new method will help...


We went on a road trip to SUNY Genesseo to see my first ever college hockey game!  It was so much fun!  I liked being so close to the ice- I'm used to NHL games where you sit like a mile away from all the action.


We cat-napped Mike's family's cat for a sleepover.  Sadly, he was not a fan of our apartment :( He's pretty old and we were kind of afraid the new location would stress him out and give him a little kitty heart attack... so we took him back to his home after only one night.  In other news, now I want a pet.


Last night we celebrated the super bowl by making buffalo chicken pizza, drinking some more home brew, and eating chocolate chip cookies (try THIS recipe, it's awesome!).  I was rooting for the Broncos because I got sucked into that reality TV show about Eric Decker and his wife Jessie James. Buuuuut I guess my cheering didn't help. Oh well.



Do you have a pet?  What is your favorite cookie recipe?