I don't know about you guys, fruit flies have become like, the bane of my existence this summer.


Their arrival in our apartment miiiiiight have to do with the fact that I left watermelon rinds in our trashcan for like 5 days... whoops.


Regardless of how they got there, somehow these little guys have made a home in our apartment and I do NOT like it. So I did a little googling to see how to get rid of them. Surprisingly, it's really easy. (AND CHEAP!)



DIY Fruit Fly Trap

Pour some juice, or wine, in our case (don't judge! we didn't have any juice!) into a glass. Put one or two drops of dish soap in there too; supposedly that ensures the flies can't escape the liquid.


Cover the top with saran wrap and poke some holes in there- big enough for a fruit fly but not TOO big. Make sure the holes aren't touching the edge of the glass, because that makes it too easy for them to escape again! (believe me on this one)


Then leave the glass out and watch as you trap a WHOLE BUNCHA FLIES. I set out 3 traps and I'm pretty sure we've caught somewhere around 50 flies... how disgusting is that? UGH.


Oh and for you kind-hearted people who don't want to kill the flies (cough, cough, MARGARET if you are reading this... haha)- you can put a piece of fruit in there (or banana peel or something) so that the flies will be pulled into the trap but not drowned- then you can periodically take the glass outside and let them free!



In other news...

Yesterday I was finishing my lunch and suddenly heard the LOUDEST PLANES I HAVE EVER HEARD IN MY LIFE fly over our house. It was really frightening but I was like, uhh okay, that was weird... Then like 2 minutes later, MORE REALLY LOUD PLANES. And they just kept coming! So naturally I started freaking out thinking Rochester was under attack. I started running back and forth through our apt to try to look out the windows at what was going on.


Finally I turned to my ol' friend Twitter and searched "Rochester"... and luckily, there were a ton of people smarter than me who had tweeted that they were Air Force planes in town for an air show. oh. Duh. Good thing I didn't completely jump to conclusions... haha


Crazy fast, right?




Have you ever had a fruit fly infestation?

(my answer: YES)

Been to an air show?

(my answer: NOPE! At least not that I can remember)