I guess I really have had food on the brain recently, huh? First I wrote about  asparagus, then freezing food (namely cookie dough), and then meal planning. I blame it on the fact that it's winter time and therefore 'eat all the food and hibernate' season.  


Anyway. It's about time I share with you guys one of our favorite meals ever. It also happens to be super easy and cheap- just the way I like it!


Basically, it's souped up pasta sauce.


We like to cut up a whoooooole bunch of veggies, some sausage, and some scrambled egg, and mix it in with our cheap-o pasta sauce (store brand, obvi!). The end result is super delicious AND more healthy than just having pasta and plain sauce.


You probably don't need a recipe since I just explained it above... but I took pictures, so you get the recipe whether you like it or not!


In this version, we cut up half a turkey sausage (the kind that come in the u-shape, if that helps explain the type) and browned it in a pan on medium heat. Once it was browned, we took it out and put it aside.


spaghetti vegetables

Then we added olive oil and a bunch of cut up vegetables to the pan. This was 1 green pepper, half a zucchini, half a yellow squash, and maybe a quarter of an onion. Sometimes we do eggplant too, or kale or spinach. Just didn't have any this time. Sprinkle everything with salt and pepper, and cook until tender (maybe 5-10 mins on medium?)


No picture of the egg part (oops) but after the vegetables are mostly cooked, scoot the vegetables to the outside of the pan so that there is nothing in the center of the pan. Crack 2-3 eggs into the center of the pan and let them start cooking. Then scramble them up with the veggies and cook through! (BTW scrambled eggs in pasta might sound weird to you... it did to me at first, too. but it's actually pretty good)


spaghetti sauce

Then add the sausage back in and the jar of pasta sauce. Let everything heat together - and bonus points if you make this in advance and can let it simmer for awhile... that always makes it even more delicious. But we never remember to make it in advance. If the sauce is too thick, you can add a little bit of pasta water (that's the water that your pasta is cooking in- it has starch from the pasta so it can thin out your sauce without making it tooooo thin, or something like that. I learned that trick from Food Network)


Then serve on top of pasta! (more bonus points if it's a really cheap box of pasta- the ones we get are $0.69 for a 1 lb box!)


This recipe takes about 30 mins from start to finish and makes 4 meals for us- 2 dinners and 2 lunches.



Do you 'bulk up' any of your food items like this? 

You should try it- good way to get more vegetables in your life! :)