A little background:  while we were having our cat-sleepover this weekend, we woke up Saturday morning with NO clue where the cat was.  Couldn't find him anywhere.  We knew he liked hiding under the bed so we got down on the floor and checked it out down there. Surprise, surprise... he was under the bed, technically... he was in the boxspring!  Yeah our boxspring has a rip in part of the fabric so he climbed inside and made himself at home.  


We had to take the mattress and boxspring off the bed in order to get him out... and it was at that time that I realized:  I haven't told you guys about our bedskirt!


So here we are.


I've never been that in to decorating.  I hate the idea of spending a billion dollars on something silly like a bedskirt.  5.5 years ago when I moved into my first non-dorm house in college, I wanted a bedskirt for my brand new bedroom, but I didn't want to pay a bunch of money.  So I whipped up a simple bedskirt using just plain fabric and a few safety pins, and it's still going strong to this day.



Here's what I did:

1.  Measure the distance around your bed.  I measured both sides and the bottom because I wanted a U shaped bedskirt around 3 sides of the bed.  Add 6 or so extra inches to the measurement to be sure you have enough.  This is the length of fabric you'll need.


2.  Measure from the top of your boxspring to the bottom of the floor (if you have bed risers, be sure those are on the bed when you measure!).  Add 6 or so extra inches to account for the part that you tuck under the mattress.  This is how wide you'll need your fabric to be.


3.  Go to a fabric store and find some cheap fabric in your color/pattern of choice.  Make sure it's at least as wide as your measurement in step 2- you want to be sure it will reach from your boxspring to the floor.  Get enough to go around your bed, the measurement from step 1.


4.  If your fabric is wider than you need (it probably will be) use an iron to fold the fabric over and create a crease at the exact width that you needed (step 2's measurement).  This is also good to get any wrinkles out!


5.  Take your mattress off the bed and lay out your fabric around the boxspring.  I put the ironed crease at the floor and the ends up on the top of the boxspring.


6.  Fold the corners over like you're wrapping a present to make it smooth all the way around.



7.  If you have safety pins, I strongly suggest that you use a few (~8?) to pin the skirt in place.  (Note, this may be tricky... just be patient and try not to stab yourself) You could definitely just lay the fabric on the boxspring and put the mattress on top (I've done that too), and that will hold it, but when you're making the bed it can come loose and that's just annoying.



Now replace your mattress and voila!  You have a fancy bedskirt that cost you minimal dinero. :)



What's your favorite cheap decorating trick?