Happy Friday!  I hope you guys had an awesome Christmas (or just an awesome Wednesday)  :)  


I drove down to Virginia on Tuesday morning with the help of another audio book and some coffee.


And an awesome $2 sub from Sheetz.  ($2.12 for a turkey sub?!  AMAZING)



I also discovered that the best way to set up an audiobook so that you don't have to fuss with it while you drive is to put all the discs up in order in the sun visors!  (And then remember to not put the visors down, haha)


Once I got down to VA, Christmas eve and Christmas day were spent hanging out with family!


I was a bad blogger and took approximately zero pictures.  Oops.


But ya know what?  There were more important things to worry about on Christmas.  Namely...


Attempting to open IMPOSSIBLY WRAPPED CHILDREN'S GIFTS.  Why do they insist on wrapping everything so tightly?  Is it really necessary to bolt down everything in the package?


And also... MONKEY BREAD.


Have you ever had this delicious delicacy?  If not, you need to get on it ASAP.


Here's the recipe we use.


My sister-in-law has an alternate monkey bread recipe that she's made the past few years (I think that's the recipe you use, right T?).  That one has butterscotch pudding mix in it.  YUM.  I don't even know which version I like best... they're both so good!


I also forgot to take a picture of ours so here's one from google.



Yesterday I spent the day taking my nieces shopping.  I started a tradition earlier this year (can I call something a tradition if it's only happened once?) where instead of ME picking out a present for their birthday/holidays, I just take them shopping and allow them to pick their own present out!


I took them both to Target (trying to instill the love for that great store in them early on) and I swung by the Christmas section to score some great deals!


Do you do this after holidays?  It's a great time to stock up on all sorts of stuff!  Were you considering getting a fake tree?  How about some extra lights, ornaments, or decorations? Maybe some wrapping paper and gift bags?  I picked up a discounted tree skirt (I used a piece of fabric this year...).  It was half price- heck yes!


No seriously, this was our tree skirt this year.  It was 1 yard of red fabric from Walmart for approximately $1.  hah.



How was your Christmas (or your Wednesday)?  Did you get or give any awesome gifts?  Did you eat any MONKEY BREAD?