Over the past few months, I've been sloooowly revamping my household cleaning process. Since it's springtime and thus "spring cleaning" is in effect- I figured it's a perfect time to share my finds!  


Part 1: Cleaning Tools

This all started because I was tired of buying those disposable Clorox cleaning wipes and paper towels. What's the point in buying something that you're just going to use once and throw away? I guess I'm either turning really frugal or really hippie (or both) but I just don't see the point anymore.

So my first step was investing in reusable cleaning cloths. I repurposed an old t-shirt into 3 cleaning rags. But those rags were pretty flimsy, and I wanted something more substantial. So I invested in a cheap-o pack of "bar rags" from Target.

Now whenever I have cleaning to do, I use one of these rags (the big one are great for things like spills, and the t-shirt ones are good for lighter cleaning), and then throw it in my laundry basket to be washed and reused.

I think this is going to be much cheaper in the long run- this could cut down on my paper towel and disposable cleaner purchases FOREVER!


Part 2: Cleaning Solutions

Then, the other week, I was cleaning the kitchen with a reusable rag and a big spray bottle of Kaboom cleaner.

As I sprayed the cleaner around and started scrubbing, I started thinking about all the crazy chemicals that I was inhaling. Again, not sure if I'm just becoming a hippie (I've also started oil pulling, so I guess that's another point in the "hippie" column) but I hated the idea of not knowing what I was breathing in! It may have been my overactive imagination, but I think the fumes were making my throat and lungs burn. No bueno.

So I decided to ditch the gross cleaner and make my own. I googled around and discovered that homemade cleaner is actually really easy to DIY.


I used 1 part dishwashing liquid and 1 part vinegar, added to an empty spray bottle, and mixed it together. Seriously, that's it. (and I eyeballed it, so it really was as easy as possible)

Voila! Now I have a (less harmful) cleaning product to use around the house!


And yes, it actually works really well. So far I haven't noticed any difference in cleaning ability between this stuff and the chemical junk I was using before. Success!

Also, vinegar and dish soap are two super cheap ingredients. So this cleaner is relatively inexpensive- score!



What cleaning products do you use? Have you ever thought of making your own? (and if you have made your own, what's the recipe!?)