I just wrote half this post and somehow got click happy and deleted it all? DANG.


So here we go again... :)


4ish years ago, when I was starting to get into the world of personal finance blogs, I was reading a post by a blogger (who of course now I can't remember, darn it) talking about using a clothes drying rack rather than the dryer. I immediately invested in one for ~$20 or $25 (I think it was from Target, but it's kind of like this one on Amazon) and used it off and on, but was a little too lazy to use it consistently.


I've been seeing it in our laundry room ever since, and recently decided to start using it again.


And this time around, I TOTALLY love it!!!




Why I am loving my clothes drying rack:

1. I am really trying to work on revamping my wardrobe, which means I'm investing in some new clothes. I do NOT want to potentially ruin these clothes and have them get all stretched out weird by putting them in the dryer! Word on the street is that air drying is WAY better for clothes.


Plus-- Mike and I had a discussion the other day about the lint trap-- isn't it depressing that after every dryer cycle, you can literally peel the lint off your lint trap? THAT'S PART OF YOUR CLOTHES that you're losing every single time your clothes are dried!



2. It saves money! I really resonated with this passage from Mr. Money Mustache's post about dryers:

There’s something about a device that sucks warm air from inside your house, pumps 5,000 additional watts of coal-generated electric heat into it, and then shoots it outside into the cold winter air along with lots of nice humidity from your freshly-washed clothes, that just doesn’t agree with my efficiency-oriented engineer’s brain.

I'd never thought about it that way before! As someone who is ALWAYS freezing cold, I'd rather pay for hot air to be pumped directly into my house, rather than pumped onto my clothes and then straight outside.


3. I feel like I'm saving the world... one load of clothes at a time :)


4. This is kind of a pro and a con at the same time: It forces me to do laundry more often. The rack can really only hold one load of clothes at a time, so I have to do laundry more frequently rather than saving up a few weeks' worth and washing it all in one day.



I do still use the dryer for some things: like towels (they get weird and crunchy if I air dry them...) and I'll use it to de-wrinkle some things I've air-dried (most stuff can just be shaken out and the wrinkles are gone, but others need a few mins in the dyer to de-wrinkle). I haven't attempted air drying sheets or our duvet cover yet either... but I might stick with the dryer for those too.



Do you use a clothes drying rack?