There's this thing in the blog world called "Coffee Chats" (or some variation of that title) where you pretend like you're sitting down having coffee and chatting, in the form of a blog post. I've always liked those kind of posts the best but don't believe I've ever written one. (wait... actually, now that I think of it, most of my posts are that form anyway...)


Today, I have random things to share so let's pretend like we're sitting and having coffee and chatting! (or, more accurately, tea... I've been on a tea kick lately)



1. Now that things have pretty much slowed back down to normal in my life (starting a new job after 2 years of self-employment + moving, all within a month... whoaa) I'm trying to figure out how to manage this blog moving forward. For now, I'm thinking that I will publish at least one post a week- probably on Mondays or Tuesdays. I don't want to promise two or three posts a week, because I'm not sure I can handle that right now. Also, I want to start writing more in depth posts, rather than just a mishmosh of pictures from my phone... mishmosh posts don't help you save money. Well-thought out posts help you save money. (and I realize the irony of announcing that within a post like this, that's totally not "well thought out" either)


2. I'm in the early stages of making a free challenge/course (not sure yet what form it will take) for the month of November. What better time to get your money in order- right before holiday shopping season! (also, this way you don't have to make a new year's resolution to get your financial life in order... you'll have already done it in November! woo!) So keep an eye out for that. If you aren't on my email list, sign up below so you'll be the first to know when the challenge/course  goes live!


3. I am so FLIPPING EXCITED to get my first real paycheck at the end of this week!! My new job pays once a month, and we started in the middle of a pay period ended, soooo it will have been ~6 weeks of working before I get my paycheck. The suspense is KILLING MEEEE. Also my new health insurance kicks in and I'll start paying about $30/month rather than my current plan that costs me $170/month. And it's way better insurance. WIN-WIN-WIN.


4. I still need to do that apartment tour video... I know. I'll do that soon, pinky promise! 




How often do you get paid?

What do you like/not like about getting paid at that frequency?


Me: I get paid monthly, and I like how it'll make budgeting SUPER duper easy, but I don't like how looooong I have to wait between paychecks. It's not that I need the money more frequently, it's just a mental thing that I like getting rewarded for my work more often!