Good morning! Today is an exciting day because Mike and I are road trip-ing down to VA for a birthday party for one of his old roommates. We're spending the day with my family tomorrow and then going out somewhere for the par-tay on Saturday night! It should be very fun :)  

Thanks to the magic of scheduled posts, we are probably packing the car or beginning our trip as this is published. Woohoo!


Anyway, I wanted to share a super exciting gift idea that I recently tried out and LOVED! It's cookie mix in a jar. You might have seen these for sale in magazines or stores but I'm talking about making your own version!


cookie mix in jar


It was probably the easiest thing I've ever made!  I picked up two large mason jars at Target ($1.99 each, I probably could have gotten them even cheaper somewhere else) and filled each with the cookie ingredients.

I used this recipe for Triple Chocolate Fudge Cookies and this recipe for Cowboy Cookies.  They were both super easy to make and used mostly ingredients that I already had on hand.  (I did leave out the m&m's in the cowboy cookies because I didn't have any... just doubled the amount of choco chips! Oh and left out the pecans too, didn't have any of those either)

Then I wrote out the instructions, put it under the lid, and voila! An awesome present :)


cookie mix in jar instructions


People on Pinterest make much fancier versions with fabric and ribbon and decorative stuff... I was not quite as crafty ;)


I think these would be good as a housewarming present, birthday present, gift for a coworker... basically anyone that likes cookies! (aka EVERYONE)  Next time you're looking for an easy, creative gift, try this out... you'll love it! :)



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Have you ever made cookie-mix-in-a-jar gifts?  Do you have any other DIY gift ideas?