Happy 2016! I know I’ve been MIA for awhile but I’m finally feeling back up to blogging- YAY! I have lots of ideas brewing in my head and can’t wait to get back in the swing of things here :)


And before I get any farther- I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for all your kind words on my last post <3 I really, really appreciate everyone who took the time to comment and email me! I was blown away by all the support. You guys are the best :)


So! Now that it’s the New Year it’s RESOLUTION time.


Personally, I’ve never been super big on resolutions. I am, however, a fan of smaller resolutions. For example- monthly challenges are MUCH more my speed! (Oh, I guess this is why my newsletter is always a monthly challenge? ha!)



Smaller challenge > BIG resolution

I was reading Better than Before and the book mentioned that it’s often easier and more successful when people set small challenges for finite amounts of time, rather than a BIG overwhelming challenge for a longer (or undefined) amount of time. After you’ve completed the finite amount of time, you can reevaluate and decide if you want to continue for another finite amount of time.


I totally agree with this school of thought!


For example, let’s say you want to track your spending in 2016. (spoiler: you totally should!)


The Traditional Way:

"Traditional" resolution setters will say: “My 2016 resolution is to track my spending!”


But… that’s a little overwhelming and, in my opinion, hard to stick with. With such a daunting time period ahead of you, it’s easy to slip up and say, “oh, it’s January 6th and I already forgot a few purchases so whatever, I’ll just skip this month and start over in February.”


(and, of course, once February rolls around, you’ll undoubtedly slip up again and decide to put it off until March… then April…)


See? Long time frames make it easy to slack off.


The Better Way:

Instead, shorten your time frame. Say: “I will track my spending in January!”


And boom: now you have a much shorter time frame. On January 6th if you slip up, you know that you only have 24 more days so you better shape up and get back on track.


Once the month is over, you can reevaluate and decide if it was worth it. If you decide to continue, then you can say: “I will track my spending in February!” and start again.


Before you know it, you’ll have tricked yourself into tracking for the whole year.


But you do you!

Of course, you might prefer big challenges and like the idea of a yearly resolution. If so, ignore this and keep doing your thing! I just know that for me, resolutions aren’t really helpful, so I wanted to share my findings in case you’re feeling the same way.


Do you prefer BIG resolutions or smaller challenges?

Have you set any financial resolutions or challenges this year?

My challenge this month- now that I have a steady paycheck again, I need to update my budget! (PSST- I can help you with this, too :) )