I am having a BIIIIIIG obsession with podcasts these past few months. I listen to them all.the.time-- getting ready for work, driving to work, when I walk at lunch, driving home, making dinner, cleaning... I even got Mike to start listening to them with me!!


I am always looking for new podcasts, so I wanted to share the ones I'm listening to and have you share the ones YOU like, so I can get new ones!!


Also, big disclaimer: I don't listen to EVERY episode of all of these podcasts. If they don't sound interesting, I have no problem skipping in favor of listening to one that DOES sound interesting to me.



Financial Podcasts

So Money with Farnoosh Torabi- she interviews people to find out about their life and their money strategies. My favorite episodes are her "Ask Farnoosh" Friday episodes where she just answers a bunch of financial questions. But some of the interviews are pretty cool too!

Money Girl- on the fence with this one. The episodes are short and very focused, but the host seems very robotic. It's not a very "friendly" sounding podcast, if that makes sense? It's just like someone reading a bunch of financial info. And there are lots of weird ads- most podcasts do a good job of having relevant ads, this one advertises things like a gardening cart? What does that have to do with finance? Helpful information, though!

Listen Money Matters- I think this is one of Mike's favorite podcasts :) It's two 20-something guys chatting about money stuff! Some episodes they have guests, but many episodes they're just chatting with each other about financial things.



Entrepreneurial/Business Podcasts

Being Boss- two lady entrepreneurs talking about business: how they run their businesses, building products, being creative, etc. They also interview some pretty big name people from the business world, which is cool!

Invisible Office Hours- two guy entrepreneurs talking about business. In this past season, they built a product and podcasted about the whole journey over 12 weeks. It was really cool to hear the behind the scenes of how they built the product.



Random Podcasts

Happier- Ahhhh my Gretchen Rubin obsession continues ;) I love this podcast- it has tips on how to be happier in your everyday life!

The Lively Show- (I posted about this one last year!) Jess interviews interesting people and chats about their lives- how they got to where they are, etc. She also talks a lot about mindfulness and intuition which was a little "woo woo" to me at first but now I think is pretty cool!

Serial- DUH. I definitely liked the first season better but the second was good too!

10% Happier with Dan Harris- new(ish?) podcast by the author of the book 10% Happier. It's mostly about meditation; he interviews a bunch of famous people who meditate and it's pretty interesting to hear how that benefits their life.

Freakonomics- hosted by one of the authors of Freakonomics and Superfreakonomics, this podcast explores some of the same type of things that those books did. The episodes are a wide range of stuff, from how to be more productive, to what happens if a restaurant doesn't accept tips. I skip some episodes that don't really sound interesting to me :)

Stuff you Should Know- the two hosts dive into a different subject every episode. My favorites have been when they talked about the Iditarod, Lizzie Borden, a tupperware. I feel like I am more intelligent after listening to their episodes. I definitely skip episides that don't sound interesting to me (super sciency ones, usually)

The Tim Ferriss Show- I'm on the fence about this podcast.  Some episodes sound really cool... other ones I read the description and know that I'm not interested. So I've probably only listened to 5 total episodes from this podcast. But those ones were good!!

The Minimalists- these are kinda long episodes (1 hr +, usually) but are really interesting because the two hosts talk about minimalism and living with less stuff. I don't think I'm super minimalist but listening to this podcast keeps my purchasing in check ;)

Mystery Show- This one has only had a few episodes and is on break until Season 2. Each episode is a "mystery" that the host tries to solve. They're kind of random mysteries (like, one was that someone remembered seeing a [video? I think?] store on a NYC street corner one day, and the next day it had totally vanished with no explanation and no trace) but turn out to be pretty intriguing once you get into it!



What podcasts are YOU listening to?