(If you are my sister-in-law who works at a makeup store... please stop reading now.  Nothing for you to see here... don't disown me, please!)  


It's been a few months since I gave myself a little hair trim.  My hair has gotten a bit longer since then (duh) so I was ready to attempt the at-home-cut again.  I talked Mike into filming me do it this time (in between periods so he didn't miss the Sabres play... obviously we know where his priorities lie).


Watching videos helped me a TON so hopefully watching me in video form will help you too!


[If the embedded video doesn't work, you can find it at this link]


The video I reference when cutting my bangs is this one.  She does a much better job of showing you how to cut bangs than I do ;)


Oh, and if you're considering cutting your own hair, I would STRONGLY suggest getting a legit pair of hair cutting scissors. Normal scissors just aren't going to cut it (ha ha ha, get it?). Here are the ones I use!


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Have you ever considered cutting your own hair?  Or have you ever tried it?!