I've been holding out on you...  


... I gave Mike a pretty good (in my humble opinion) gift for Valentine's day this year, and never blogged about it! {and if you don't blog about it, did it really even happen??!}



Here's what I made: a date jar!


It was really quite easy...


I took a bunch of little pieces of note paper and jotted down some date ideas. I (obviously) made them very fitting for us- very beer heavy and mostly on the cheap side!


I included a mixture of going to bars for a beer, buying beer and drinking at home, making homemade lattes (YUM), and even going on a mini road trip. Honestly, this might be the toughest part of the whole project-- it took me a little while to think of all the ideas!


I ended up with 8 dates (one isn't pictured because it's currently up on our fridge, haha!)


Then I folded them up and put them in a mason jar and gave it to Mike for his v-day present :)


On the first of each month, we pick a date from the jar and post it on our fridge, and we have to accomplish it that month! It gives us something exciting to look forward to... and it also gives our friends entertainment because whenever they came over they can see what date we have to do that month. HA! :)


I think we both really liked it and are kinda bummed that this month is our last "date"! I kinda want to brainstorm some more ideas and keep it going!



Have you ever done a date jar {or something like it} as a gift?

Got any more date ideas that we can use for the next few months? :)