I'm not sure if I've ever admitted this on the blog... but I'm super nosy. I love learning about other people's lives!  


A really good example is when I go on walks at night. My favorite part of night-walks is peeking in people's windows (you know, the people who don't close their curtains) to see how their house is decorated, what TV show they're watching, and just generally what they're doing.


(PSA: if you live in the greater Rochester area, close your curtains at night or else I'll be creepin' on ya ;) )


So it comes as no surprise that some of my favorite posts in blog-land are "Day in the Life" posts. They are my absolute FAVORITE thing to read! If you aren't familiar, these posts detail every single moment of a blogger's day. You know, because blogs don't share enough personal info already...


Since I love them so much, I decided that it's time for ME to do a day in the life post!



Monday, July 14, 2014

6:40- My alarm goes off & Mike harasses me as he leaves for work (his favorite morning activity is turning on the lights and starting to talk to me right as my alarm goes off. He usually won’t leave me alone until I say “good morning” or something of the sort. I guess it's pretty amusing to watch me wake up, haha). After he leaves, I snooze my alarm for 10 mins.


6:45- feel guilty about snoozing so I get out of bed, stumble into kitchen and start oil pulling


6:47- wash my face, open the curtains, try to wake up



6:55- decide to start listening to my new audiobook (Change Anything) while I clean out my closet. I was getting overwhelmed by the amount of clothing that I own that I hate wearing but can’t bring myself to get rid of. So I pruned the bad stuff and shoved it in the back of the closet so it doesn’t get in my way anymore!


7:20- get dressed & go running. Fight with running armband for awhile- I accidentally bought a size L off amazon so now I have to safety pin it to make it fit on my (zero-muscles) arm, hah. Ran about 2.5 miles... mostly running, a little walking. I’m trying to get back into running shape!


8:05- get home, drink some water, bust out the computer to do a few Tone It Up ab workout videos


8:25- finish videos, hop onto facebook for "just a minute"


8:40- oops, still facebook creeping! pull myself away. Eat a plum and lament the fact that I have to wash my hair today. boooo


8:45- shower, get dressed, put on makeup, comb hair, etc


9:10- make some oatmeal for breakfast, check email, make sure morning post went up, schedule a tweet to go out about it, go through bloglovin' and comment on a few blogs


9:40- start writing my 750 words


10:06- Research new to-do list manager. My current method of making a big list in Evernote is getting messy & overwhelming. Discover Trello and test it out.


10:22- Get up for a minute to make green tea and stop staring at the computer


10:34- Gather tea, water, and a notebook, set pomodoro, turn on Coffitivity, and start working on a new project. One of the biggest things I’ve done lately is setting aside 1 hour a day to work on new things. Sidenote: get excited for something new coming out in August ;)


11:24- total distraction- two of my neighbors got into a screaming match about leaves being swept into the street?! I hid out in our front window to witness... and to record some of it so I could show Mike later, ha ha! And then I had to instagram it so everyone could witness with me ;)


11:35- back to work. Made note to myself of where I left off on that project, then switched to reviewing my budget coaching process!



12:08- Lunch! (egg salad sandwich + roasted vegetables left over from last night's dinner) Read a few blogs and checked out some new websites, then wasted time on social media. Oops.



12:40- pack up stuff to go to the library. Make a big travel mug of tea, do the dishes, get into an epic battle with a HUGE fly. Waste 10 minutes trying to get fly to fly out the back door.


1:10- finally leave for lib


(recycled pic, but you get the idea)


1:20- get to library, start reading new coaching book, then switch gears back to reviewing my coaching process.


3:20- take break to check comments on recent post. I updated to the new version of Wordpress (I think it's a few months old... but new to me, haha) and now I don't get those handy little emails that say "you've got comments!" ...did anyone else run into that problem?! So now I have to consciously remember to check my comments or else I just think no one liked my post! hahaha


4:02- pack up, leave lib & head home


4:10 - say hi to Mike, chat for awhile (and show him video of our neighbors fighting!) until he heads out to the gym


4:27- start researching other productivity sites. Not a fan of Trello so far... found Wunderlist and tested that out while watching Food Network.



5:39- peeled myself out of our comfy chair to start making dinner


6:30- Burrito time! Watch Seinfeld while we eat (we always watch TV while eating... oops)


7:20- walk around neighborhood with Mike.


7:55- Watch an old episode of Catfish & eat a coconut popsicle (SO GOOD). PS don't judge our messy living room- our landlord is fixing something with our ceiling so we had to move everything out of the way :)


8:45- lay on couch doing lord knows what on my phone


9:22- super tired. start getting ready for bed (this is wayyyy earlier than normal)


9:35- SLEEP!



Tell me about YOUR day! Give me some juicy deets ;)

If you're a blogger, you should do one of these too and then let me know so I can creep on your life, too!