I have to thank my grandma for this post... and I hope she doesn't mind that I'm sharing it with the whole internet today.  


But seriously, it's the BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT YOU COULD EVER GIVE SOMEONE (no exaggeration, this is the truth) and I really want you to know about it.


I call them "pretzel rolos" but I'm sure there's a better name for it.


Whatever-  the name doesn't matter. What DOES matter is that it's awesome and easy and you should really make it as soon as humanly possible.



Grandma's Pretzel Rolos


  • mini pretzels (I've used pretzel shapes and also those square shaped criss cross pretzels)
  • rolos
  • M&Ms or halved pecans (the orig recipe is pecans but I use M&Ms because its cheaper haha)

First, unwrap the Rolos. I have not yet found a pre-wrapped option for Rolos... you're probably going to have to unwrap them all yourself. And try really really hard not to eat them. I promise the end result is even more delicious than a plain Rolo.



Then grab a microwavable plate and line up a bunch of mini pretzels. I can usually fit 15-20 on a plate at a time. Put an unwrapped rolo on top.


Microwave the pretzels + rolos for 15-30 seconds on high. You might need to play around with this timing on your own microwave. You want the rolo to melt-- but just a warning, they keep their shape pretty well so they aren't going to LOOK melted. Like those above, they still kinda have their original shape but just a little tilted.. haha. Touch the top to see if it's gotten melty (scientific term). Also beware that the microwave will probably melt the center ones more than the outside ones.


Once they're melted, place an M&M (or pecan) on top and press down to squish the rolo and M&M into the pretzel. Then repeat with the rest of the pretzels and rolos.


And then eat at least 20 of them while still warm- they are SO good that way!


If you're making multiple batches, take them off the plate and put somewhere to cool.


Once they're cool, pack them up and give them out as holiday gifts! I've filled jars/boxes with these little treats and given them for office holiday parties-- it's a great gift that people will LOVE!




Do you have a signature cookie/treat/candy that you make for the holidays?