Remember a year or so ago (edit: omg, that was exactly one year ago yesterday! hahah weird) when I made homemade/DIY (I don't know what term I should use here so I'm going to use both haha) cleaning spray?  


It was good and worked well, but the problem is that it smelled REEEEEALLY strongly of vinegar and I wasn't the biggest fan of that. (Also, my original concoction just had vinegar and dish soap, and it turns out that is way too concentrated... it left the counter tops sticky! So I had to add water)


Someone had mentioned in the comments that to get rid of the vinegar smell, you can soak citrus peels in the vinegar to give it a citrus smell. Genius!!


It took about a year to use up that cleaner (remember, I never cleaned our apartment in Rochester... haha) but once it was gone, I wanted to try the citrus peel thing. So I bought a lemon and cut off the peel and soaked it in 3/4 cup vinegar.


That's what it looked like the first night.


(and then you can use the actual lemon in water!)



Here's what it looked like after 2.5 weeks of soaking. So yellow!!


The ingredients you'll need:

  • 3/4 c lemon scented vinegar (left for 2.5 weeks with peel of 1 lemon)
  • 1/4 c lemon dish soap (you could use another scent, but just make sure it goes with lemon or whatever citrus you used!)
  • 2.5 c water

Mix everything together in an empty spray bottle and BOOM-- you have a homemade cleaning spray that you can use around your house and not feel like you're getting a chemical overdose! Yay!


PS if anyone can tell me what Seinfeld episode is on in the background of the two pictures above... you win at life :)


Bonus: use reusable rags to clean and you're reallyyyy being eco friendly and saving money! :) We have a pack of 'bar rags' from Target (on the left in that pic above) but the cleaning rags I use the most are just an old white t-shirt that I cut up into smaller pieces! They work so well! Once I'm done cleaning I just toss them in the empty washer and they get washed whenever we do the next load of laundry. Easy.



Have you ever made your own cleaning products?