Did you know...


You can use coconut oil to remove your eye makeup?


I usually use makeup remover wipes, but the other day I ran out of them and had to improvise. I remember seeing somewhere (on Pinterest, undoubtedly) that coconut oil can work as makeup remover... so I tried it... AND IT TOTALLY WORKS!


All you need is coconut oil (mine's from Trader Joe's) and half a cotton ball! (this is saving money in your twenties, so of course we gotta cut costs by only using half at a time! haha)


I wet the cotton ball a teeeeeny bit- like wet it then squeeze all the water out- then put a dab of coconut oil on it. The amount in the picture above is what I use for one eye, but your amount might vary depending on how much makeup you have on ;)


Then wipe the coconut oil-ed cotton ball over your eye (gently, duh) until the makeup comes off. Then wash your face and boom- done!


It's not quite as convenient as just grabbing a wipe, but I like it because it's natural and probably better for my eyes than who knows what's in those wipes! Also, I already have the coconut oil from my oil pulling experiment (yup, still doin' it!) so I might as well put it to work for this, right?


Oh, and since this is supposed to be a financial blog and all, I guess I should talk about cost... honestly, I think these methods are both equally cheap. I used to use the wipes over and over again, so a $4 pack of wipes would seriously last me for many months... so that wasn't a big cost either!



Have you ever made your own beauty products? Any other cool uses for coconut oil?