What'd you do this weekend? I spend an embarrassing amount of time watching Bar Rescue... that show is SO GOOD!  



And also reading this book. I love hearing about people's daily routines, and this book is ALL ABOUT THAT. It talks about a bunch of famous creative people (think Mozart, etc) and how they laid out their days so that they could work their best.


Other things I contemplated this weekend? Finding good deals on food and drinks. I spent a decent amount of time scoping out restaurants to see if they had any cheap deals Saturday night... alas, didn't find any good ones. In hindsight, I guess Saturday isn't really a time restaurants need discounts.


When you move to a new area, one of the best things you can do is figure out all the deals in your area. That way, whenever you're feeling like going out, you will know of a good food/happy hour deal!


Since we kinda recently just moved down here, I'm still working on this for our new area (hence the Saturday night research).


Here are my methods for finding deals in your city:

1. Scope it out

Walk/drive around (or use google maps) and scope out restaurants and bars (this would also work for clothing stores and things like that) in your area. Bonus points if they're within walking distance, because walking will save you even more money!


2. Make a list

List of all your potential spots. Yeah, like a real list on paper. It's going to get tough to keep track of all the deals otherwise.


3. Start googling

Start researching their websites. Do they list their happy hours? Maybe they have a Facebook profile, Twitter, or you can join their email list? Most restaurants/bars will post about their deals on social media, so following them there is a good idea. Whenever you find info about a deal, jot it down on your list.


4. Keep an eye on ads in the mail

Also take a look at those (sometimes annoying) packets of 'coupons' that come in the mail-- you might be surprised to find some restaurants (probs not bars, I don't think I've ever seen a coupon for alcohol haha) in there for buy one get one free meals or something like that!


5. Groupon?

Groupon and other deal sites can be a good idea, but beware of joining a site like that if you're an impulse shopper. Getting those offers in your inbox every day can be really tempting-- but falling for too many 'deals' will probably negate any savings!


6. Use your list and/or coupons whenever you want to go out!

Eventually you'll gather enough info on each place that anytime you want to go out, you can probably find a place with a happy hour or other deal! Mike and I now know a few of the area happy hours so when we want to go out, we know the cheap places! :)



What are the best restaurant/bar deals in your area?

There was a place near us that I used to LOVE because they had $5 chicken fingers and $2 beers on Fridays. Sadly, at some point while we were in Rochester they changed it and I'm still bitter!!