The other day, I heard the craziest statement ever.  


Somebody told me, "I have to spend quite a bit on restaurants each month since I don't cook."


Ummmm... Are you kidding me?! WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON'T COOK?


This statement came from someone much older than me, which was even scarier. This person had gone their whole entire life without cooking for themselves?!?! That is the most frightening thing I have ever heard.


I mean, I do get it. Cooking is kind of scary and it can be overwhelming to get started. I grew up in a house where my mom made homemade dinners almost every night (except those nights that we could talk her into ordering chinese or pizza ;) so cooking has just always been part of my life.


But if you fall into the category of not growing up cooking, it's never too late to start learning! Especially for my 20-something readers- now is the perfect time to practice your culinary skillz!


(PS- cooking is also a great way to woo your significant other- I was SO impressed when Mike made me a chicken, veggie, and rice casserole when we first started dating!)


I suggest you begin with something easy.  Here are a few ideas.


These items are a bit more advanced- breakfast casserole and my fav cookie recipe! But it's the best food pic I could find for this post...


Beginner meals:

Tuna salad: can of tuna + mayo + mustard + relish; mix together and eat in a sandwich or on its own

Pasta & sauce: box of pasta + jar of pasta sauce; cook pasta, mix with sauce

Egg sandwich: fried egg + cheese + toast

Egg salad: hard boiled eggs + mayo + salt + pepper; eat as a sandwich or on its own


Sandwiches: with lunch meat, hummus, veggies... the possibilities are endless

Scrambled eggs

Salad: bag of lettuce/spinach + any toppings you like + salad dressing! (topping ideas: red/green pepper, carrots, peas, tomato, broccoli, avocado, beets, baby corn, chick peas, hummus, hard boiled eggs, cheese...)


I also have a whole page on my blog full of cheap and fairly easy recipes- check it out!


So if you fall into the category of "I don't cook"... change that ASAP! Please, I beg you- try out one of those easy dishes. I KNOW for sure you can make anything on that list!


And, since I really like saving money, I also think that it's my duty to remind you: you'll save a TON of money cooking for yourself ;)



 Do you cook? How did you learn?