Budgeting is kind of like dieting.


It can be great, but it can also go horribly, horribly wrong.


For example: how many times have you heard stories of people attempting a diet only to find themselves binge eating an entire carton of Ben and Jerry's at 11pm? Completely depriving yourself of delicious treats can totally backfire.


It's the same with budgeting your money: there's only so long you can go being uber frugal before you snap. Deprive yourself of too much and you'll soon find yourself in Target with a basket full of picture frames.


I know the importance of not depriving myself.  To keep myself happy while still keeping my spending low, I let myself spend money on some items that really bring me joy.


Luckily, many things that make me happy are fairly cheap. I enjoy stuff like:


Ice cream, especially at cute little ice cream shops.

Cost = $5


Weekday trips to Starbucks.

Cost = $2.11


Weekend trips to other little coffee shops in the area with Mike.

Cost = $5


The occasional dinner date... even when it's ridonkulously expensive.

Cost = $20-$30


Road trips to visit family. (PS- I miss you peeps! I promise I'll make a trip down soon!!!)

Cost = $70ish in gas


And of course, Chipotle.

Cost = priceless ;)



If you are feeling deprived and dangerously close to blowing all your money in a huge Starbucks-fueled-Target-takeover, check out my Budget Coaching program and let's start chatting ASAP!

I can help you come up with a realistic "fun" budget that will help you avoid feeling deprived while still accomplishing your financial goals.



What's one thing you spend money on for the sheer enjoyment factor?