Welp. Valentine's Day is coming up on Saturday. Do you have plans yet? Have you gone out to buy presents for your significant other? Before you get to planning, let's have a little chat. I think Valentine's day gets a little out of hand for some people. There's no reason to spend hundreds of dollars on gifts and dinner-- that's just totally crazy talk.  


Instead, here are some strategies to have a wayyy cheaper but just as enjoyable V-day :)


This is what Mike gave me last year... literally all of my favorite things :)


1. Talk about your expectations.

Do you want to celebrate vday or not? Presents or not? Go to a fancy dinner or lay on the couch all night watching movies? It's always tough to guess what your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/friend with benefits (hahaha) wants, so just talk about it and actually discuss what each of you want to do. You might find out "hey, neither of us want to go to dinner!" rather than going out to dinner just because everyone says you 'should'.


2. Agree on present giving.

Will you buy each other gifts? How much will you spend? I realize this is like, not at all the most romantic conversation, but it's SO important that you're both on the same page about present giving! Don't fall into that cycle where you spend more than you think is necessary just so you don't look like the cheap one, then your partner sees how much you bought so they go out and spend extra, then you spend extra... and it's an endless cycle.

Julie from Peanut Butter Fingers has an awesome idea for Valentine's day gift giving: split up for a certain amount of time (she suggests 2 hours) and go shopping for your valentine's gifts for the other person. Set a dollar amount ($15 or $20) in advance and then you know you're each spending the exact same amount :)


3. Cards or no cards?

I cracked up the other day when I found valentine's day cards that Mike and I gave each other on our first V-day. Neither of us like cards, so I'm not sure why we both ended up buying them?? I'm guessing we felt like we were supposed to? If you don't like cards, tell each other that. There's a few bucks you can save :)

On the other hand, I know some people DO like cards (hiiii Chelsea from The New Wifestyle!) so same thing-- tell each other if you DO really like cards!


4. Gift experiences rather than "stuff"

I talk about this at almost every holiday, but I really like going halfsies on a road trip or other fun experience (like a beer tasting!) instead of giving gifts. I mean, chocolate is nice too, but I care more about doing fun things with Mike rather than getting a gift that we probably don't need.


Also, a Date Jar is a really easy and fun way to gift experiences throughout the whole year!


5. You do you.

Don't feel bad that all you and your bf want to do is watch Netflix all night and eat pizza. If that's what you like doing, DO THAT! Just ignore everyone on Instagram and Facebook who will be posting their fancy dinners out and "ooooh my boyfriend is the best valentine ever #blessed #ruthchrissteakhouse #hespent300onmetoday" Just care about what makes you happy and ignore everyone else on Valentine's Day :)


6. Single? Be your own valentine!

In college I remember celebrating Valentine's Day solo many times and feeling a little insecure about it. But then I just decided to do what made me happy, so I ordered Chinese food and watched trashy TV all night because that's what I like. It was glorious. Be your own valentine and do whatever makes you happy!


7. Day after sales. DUH.

Don't forget to hit up the stores the day after vday to score some heavily discounted candy :)



What are your Valentine's Day plans?

I have no idea what we're going to do. We've been talking about doing a beer tasting sometime soon, so perhaps that's what we'll do Saturday :) And our romantic vday dinner might be at Chipotle, using the free burrito coupon we got for trying the Sofritas haha