Remember a few months ago I posted about getting a fancy new shirt for my beer tasting jobs?  


So I'm still in love with it. The only downside is that the tag says... drumroll... "Dry clean only." WOMP WOMP.


I've been wearing it for, uh, the last 3-4 months whenever I do tastings and last weekend finally decided that it was time to wash it.


The shirt in action! 


I was about to take it to the dry cleaners when I decided to just quickly google to see what kind of price I could expect to be charged. In my googling I ran across an article about how you can, in fact, wash many articles that say "Dry clean only". Uhhhh... REALLY?!


This article experimented with 5 different types of fabrics that are normally labeled "dry clean only". My shirt is made of polyester and their experiment with washing a polyester dress came out perfectly... so I decided to try it myself!


To be safe, I washed it by hand in a small mixing bowl in the sink with just a little bit of detergent, and then hung it to dry on our clothes drying rack.


And... IT TOTALLY WORKED!!! The shirt looks perfect and smells much better than before ;)


So next time you have something that says "dry clean only", google around to see if you can possibly wash it yourself! (unless, of course, it's something super fancy/expensive... then you might not want to risk it!)



Have you ever washed a "dry clean only" item? How'd it turn out?

I remember one time I accidentally washed a sweater that was supposed to be dry cleaned and TOTALLY shrunk it. Whoops. It was sad, I really liked it! I think maybe if I just hadn't dried it, it would have been fine...