What is it about "new" things? I always feel an overwhelming urge to buy things when I walk into Target and see all the pretty new products lined up on the shelves.  

Like, real talk. How can you NOT want to buy all of these bowls when you see this?


(PS did I ever tell you, I posted this picture awhile back on the blog, and my mom BOUGHT ME one of the bowls!! I have the chevron one in yellow and I eat everything out of it, I'm obsessed! Thanks, mom!)



Don't perfectly organized aisles like this full of brand new items just make you want to purchase EVERYTHING you see?



Or when you walk into Barnes and Noble and see the perfect spines of each book lined up on the shelves. All the books have that new-book-smell (don't lie, you love that smell too) and are just beautiful looking. It really makes me want to buy things. PS yeah I know that picture doesn't really showcase the books, but it's the only one I have in B&N soooo... that's what we're going with.


Alternatively, I don't feel that same temptation when I walk into a library. I get excited, yeah, but the books are all slightly used and aren't so perfect looking.


(PS have I shown you a picture of the awesome library near our new place? Isn't it so pretty?)


Ways to avoid that new-product-temptation:

1. Remember that eventually, the newness wears off. Sometimes it wears off mere minutes after purchasing. As soon as you take it out of the package or open the cover of the book and the spine creases: it's no longer as new and exciting.


2. There are people out there who get paid a LOT of money to research and discover the best ways to market these new products to you. Some Target marketing team came up with the colors and designs of those little bowls and KNEW that they would tempt people. Whenever you feel tempted, say a little mental, "NO THANKS! DIDN'T GET ME THIS TIME, MARKETING TEAM!" in your head and move on.


3. Leave the store. Put distance between you and the product. Sometimes once you remove yourself from the temptation, you'll realize you don't really want it after all.


4. In that same idea, one of my favorite tips ever is to only go shopping once a week (or less frequently, if possible). Staying out of the store means you can't be tempted by the new products.


5. Try to make a habit to take a few minutes each day/week to appreciate everything you already have. When you truly appreciate all your current possessions, you're less tempted to buy new things because you realize you already have everything you need!


Try those tricks whenever you feel yourself tempted to buy things just because they're brand new ... let's try to break this temptation together! :)



Is it just me, or are you also drawn in by new products? Do those beautifully styled displays in Target/B&N/etc tempt you, too?