I write about comparisons a LOT. {examples here and here} That is because I am a human and therefore super susceptible to feelings of inadequacy/comparison/keeping up with the Joneses.  


I know that comparing myself to others isn't good. It ruins your confidence and drains you emotionally.


And now I'm realizing: it can hurt your finances, too!


{insert motivational quote about how these flowers don't compare themselves to each other- they just grow ;) }



Why comparisons SUCK for your wallet

If you compare your purchases to someone else's, that's a surefire way to start feeling bad about yourself. Either you spent too much or spent too little- no matter what you do, someone out there is buying something different from you! (didn't mean to rhyme there... but let's go with it)


It happens all the time to me. My instagram and facebook feeds are FULL of people buying fancy new cars, clothes, even HOUSES. (side note: how am I old enough to have friends that OWN HOUSES?! Weren't we just in high school like... yesterday??!)


Once I see my friends spending money, I'm like "wait, I should be going on a shopping spree, too! Maybe I should have bought a brand new car!"


But honestly, you never know how much money someone else has. You don't know if they got a windfall of cash from a rich relative. Or maybe their job is higher paying than they let on. Or maybe they are digging deeper and deeper into debt just to afford these rich looking purchases. There's no way for you to know!



How can I stop the comparisons?

This is a tough one. I'm still working on it. But so far I've found a few ways to attempt to cut out comparisons from my life:


1 // You can choose who shows up in your social media feeds. Hide or unfollow anyone who makes you feel inferior. Be wary of celebs too-- seeing them throw money around can really skew your idea of normal spending habits.


2 // Take a few minutes every day to look around your apartment/house/car and remind yourself how grateful you are for every single thing you own. Remember how excited you were when you got each item! The "newness" of every purchase wears off quickly; something you were once excited about now becomes just another possession. Take a few minutes to recall how excited you were to first own each item.


3 // Make a budget and stick to it! Budgeting brings such a sense of control to your finances- you might find that you no longer want to buy ALL THE THINGS because you now can see exactly where your money is going. You probably won't want to blow your budget over something silly.



You do you.

Stop it with the comparisons. Buy stuff if and only if it makes you incredibly happy. Don't buy something just because someone else bought it. Do your own thang and you'll be infinitely happier... I promise!

How do you keep from comparing yourself to others? I need some more ideas ;)